Saturday, September 18, 2010

Making This Consciousness Available

My dear ones. My Master Messages books are not available in book form, because there has not been enough consumption of them. Considering their content, my energy, and an opening to my mandate for the New Earth to continue, outside of the control of the Illuminati, change to this lack of interest could completely alter many of the dramatizations that are about to occur. When they do, these messages are an avenue for continuity.

My channel does not have the funds to publish them in the way they deserve. I am not able to deliver the money to her, and her country of residence is not able to provide this opportunity, because another language is spoken there. Consequently, the next consideration would be an offer appearing from another country, and more income to pay the costs. Channeling my blog comes to all at no cost, and none of the courses have been delivering more than enough to cover their continued development. My dream is for the Channeling Course to become a  DVD, with many teachings about the art of channeling on it. Maybe an answer to this well appear. My nudges are ongoing.

Modern day confusion about how many are to ascend must be addressed. The Angels and Masters have deduced a number based on how many have committed to ascension. When the communications through my channels are not available, my concern is that many of the unclear conduits will be conduits for deceivers, and they can delete an active ascension candidate who cannot discern between my contact and contact with non-aware entities. Channeling through my current channel is easy, but  conditions of chaos are not interfering with the energy of the neighborhood where her body is now located. When chaos begins, many channels may not be clear, and very open channels are prime targets for the deceivers. Ponder this: being a channel of your own Higher Self can give you all of the benefits and none of the controller's dogma. Why would anyone not desire all of their own destiny guidance that is available to them?

Another thing worth mentioning, is my channel's autobiographical book. All the lessons about how to be clear are being collated into her new composition. My dream is for this book and all of my Master Messages to be available together, and include the DVD for the Channeling Course. Possible, and my contribution can be the donation of Mastery that each who get the package will receive. Hope is a nice materializing energy. It is not the easiest to manifest, but by making these manifesting comments, anything can appear.

Twenty million chose to ascend. Many of them are not interested now, but they could change their minds. And now there are less than one million who are considering the ascension opening as a way to move in consciousness. What can I do to change this? Only deliver more data and more nudges. My dreams are only as manifesting as the cooperation I get when I deliver them. I have made the decision to have confidence in my chelas.  Delivering answers about the next days means nothing if the advance notice doesn't awaken minds to their original agreement. Celebrating the Angelic dates of Rosh Hoshana and Yom Kippor and Ramadan does great things for human beings. Comfortable activation of the next dimensional shift has been our goal. Maybe a less comfortable drama is better.

Perhaps I need to disappear and allow the deceivers to lead. All they need for contact is an open, centered, calm and caring individual, who doesn't have any guidance about having control of their channeling. No Ascended Master can overrule an unwanted deceiver. The one who deceives can only be evicted, when the body's mental demands lead to the change over. What needs to be known about channeling these entities, is that they take over bodies dramatically because this allows them to learn about their own ability to control. Being evicted is the best gift they can be given. Unless an entity claims to be Christ consciousness, then expect the possibility of it being a deceiver.

Channeling is not the most difficult thing to do. Accepting responsibility for what is being channeled is the duty of the one learning channeling. Mesmerizing an audience has its benefits for controlling entities, and being dramatic does as well, because it draws the energy of the observers to the entity to bring it aliveness. No attention, no delivery. Mixing an energetic cocktail has brought many a new career, and no difference in their consciousness. Making an agreement for being a channel needs to include an activation of heart opening in the contract. Channeling without this is entertainment, not consciousness developing.

Press on into the darkness of the channeling epidemic, and get caught in the depths of mistaken attitudes. Pretenders are not divine gods, as they claim, they deceive, because they are dark shadows of divine Gods. Only the shadow knows.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
The Master Messages and A Course In Channeling are available here.

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  1. Publishing a book at Lulu for example, with professional, book-store quality costs only US$ 6.18 each plus shipment, for an edition of just 10 books, 100 pages each, black and white contents, color cover, U.S. trade size 6" x 9", and all can be done through the Internet.

    Regarding DVD I am not familiar with but it seems that it can be done at domestic scale with low cost.

  2. Lulu makes DVD as well, US$ 7.50 if just one unity or US$ 5.95 each for 5 units.

  3. to add a little more to the posts above (as getting this material published seems very important!)....surely between an awakened earthbound human (Aruna) who has achieved mastery and an ascended, awakened master such as yourself, a co-creation of a manifestation of the necessary funds could be achieved? I always thought that mastery and complete awakening involved an ability to manifest anything wanted that is in line with the will of God? Perhaps I am misunderstanding the limits of what it means to be fully awakened and a master, so please correct me here if I'm wrong.

    When something is this important to the masses, surely Angels and masters alike should be willing to lend their assistance for its manifestation.

    For those close to an awakening, what action or practice would you suggest they take to bring them closer to its actuality? or does this occur spontaneously?

  4. True.... Dear Master St.Germain. We will try our level best to do all we can to help our own selves, our families and all mankind with regards to ascension. May God give us strength,amen.

    With Love

  5. Maybe if you dissapeared than we would have to do our inner work instead of searching answers outside. But as long as you are with us I have a question: I was listening to Kryon's channelings for a while. He mentioned that when our awarness shifts our spiritual guides change and we are in a period of 90 days without any guids. Is that so? And when nothing seems to be good, nice, sweet and filled with Light anymore during this earthly journey- the dark night of the soul, I would say- is it a part of an awakening, is it a question of facing it and accepting it, a test for a mastery or something different? What the ascension does to it? How does it look like? Do I have to overcome my darkness to be able to ascend? I may not be really clear about the ascension itself. To be honest this is quite a new idea to me and all this is happening so quickly that it feels like I just needed to hold on. I will be grateful if you tell me/ us more about darkness we have inside, what to do with this, what is the meaning of it? I also have a question about the inner power, some say the power of my true self expressed in this body. I have no idea how it looks like and what it means. Your channelings help me to sort out things, because channelings I was reading before were creating more chaos in me and also kind of guilt that I am not like they say. Thank you.

  6. As someone else said above and I tried to address in your most recent posting...Why is it that Aruna an St. Germain together cannot manifest the monies needed to put out your books...this is an important question to someone representing themselves as being of completely awakened consciousness and an ascended master. Creating money for something like this should be easy. Why won't you comment on this?