Thursday, September 30, 2010

The ET Controversy

My dear ones. Today's message will clarify my comments about ETs. No disrespect was given to the beings named, merely letting you know that their messages are not to be accepted as facts. Most ETs do not understand that the belief in materialization they have delivered, cannot be concluded. Most do not care. They are making up little scenarios about landings, and abundance, and continued life as equal conveyors of only love, as a new reality. In actuality, all of this is fantasy, created to deceive man about the details of what is now occurring. Truth may not be so comforting, and details about destruction of man's habitat are not the things anyone wants to know. However, unless dreamers of the fantasy, awaken to the goal of actualizing another mass consciousness NOW, no continuation of life on Gaia can be delivered.

My dear ones, my question to you is, "Are you open to candid disclosure or not?" Many of you are deluded about the cause and effect actuality of the negative destruction that has degraded your home, more than any energy deliverer can instantly overturn.  No healing of the natural cause of these things is about to occur, before an ascension can occur. Ascension cancels the need for any other intervention, as many of those who able to accept a deliverer will be gone. And, many of those who are not gone are going to be afraid of non-human entities controlling them. Can an ET group control man as the controllers are doing? Absolutely. They are not the conveyors of all they are mentioning, and this means they are not Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness means: only light. Choose their death guarantees over my warnings, and you will get a most disturbing, gradual move into negative attitudes when your high expectations are not materialized.

Man has a limited amount of time to overturn the negativity in mass consciousness and create an ascension. Taking no action towards this, cancels all of man's dreams. Are you only waiting for a group of aliens to deliver a new reality? Then you are not going to cause any more light in consciousness for humanity, because this shift in consciousness needs your attention NOW.

My intention is to deliver Truth. All the lies are being exposed, including the lies of channeled androids. Can you accept this? No? Why? Can you already be deceived to the point where you deny everything that doesn't agree with their brainwashing? Call me dark, call me negative, but consider my messages a contact that has come to deliver more Truth.

No ETs will deliver anything they are leading you on with. No ETs are all light. Many are very deceptive and convey lies because they are laughing at you.

NESARA cannot cause money delivery to man now. Can't you accept that all the money control cancels this? No bank is going to dole out money on the contracts being promised. No government is going to deliver anything to a group of chelas of deceivers. No controller is going to mastermind a collapse of man's answer to life sustenance, and then deliver great amounts of money out of their coffers. Are you going to live in delusion, or can you get back to reality? Give me an opportunity to lead you to ascension. Give all the deceivers no attention.

How do you recognize a deceiver? Are they giving you guidance to learn to channel your own Higher Self? No? Why not? Are they promising magical things? Are they delivering advice about new comforts and great wealth? Are they making you feel special? These are my adversaries. These are the leaders of confusion about your contracts to ascend.

Make no mistake, my goal is love. No other teacher would deliver news that makes you cringe or consider his messages negative. My goal is to expose these divisive androids and any other non-caring beings who are creating deceit and deception. Chelas of mine must be clear and aware, not convinced of untrue comments, from beings of other dimensions, who are not awakened, caring, or active about ascension preparation.

Graduation is around the corner. Can you get through the final exams?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank you Saint Germain for being on guard for us. When I learned about some of ET's intentions, I felt betrayed. Only God knows how much love I have sent to them, behind each cloud imaging a craft, a sister or brother inside, wishing for me, the human, the best that it could be. If it was not the truth, I am not confused, even it hurts a lot. I have my truth to deal with where I am totally focused, gathering together all abilities and capabilities to succeed. There are many millions like me on Earth, being ready for the time to come. There is faith, peace, commitment, in each of us and all together. Nothing can stop us and our dear planet from the ascension. It'is our goal and God's Intention.
    Master Saint Germain, there are not enough spoken words I can express my gratitude to you and all invisible guides that are leading me at this time.
    (I purchased an alarm clock today to never again miss any meditation.)

  2. Hi Aruna and St. Germain,

    With regards to the many sightings of UFOs in many parts of the world today, I would like to know are they man-made objects or star ships from another world? If these UFO really are from other worlds, are they here to only observe our activities? Do these ETs have any other hidden agendas?

    Thanks & Best Regards,