Monday, September 6, 2010

Ascension May Not Occur

Solving our ascension dilemma will begin with those choosing ascension. Once we are able to determine the number who are committed, we can find out if enough are going to contribute their energy to this, to make an impact. If not, a group ascension cannot occur. One at a time can ascend at death, but a group ascension needs an amount of participants that is noticed.

Please determine the commitment that you have. Contentment in life can alter a commitment to leave  it. Be certain that this commitment exists, because an impact can only occur if many go with the call when it comes. Happiness is a key to ascension. Ascension is not an escape from misery. If an ascension chooser does not have the necessary awakened awareness, there's no time like the present to get it. Affirmations are not adequate. Controlled thinking is not adequate. "No thinking" makes ascension an opportunity for "what's next" as an answer to full enlightenment.

Mass consciousness needs a dramatic mass alteration. Change the attitudes of mass consciousness, change all the conditions of negativity that are about to occur. Making a change in mass consciousness begins in you!

Another condition of change is near. Monetary collapse can make many choose ascension out of fear. But fear cancels your ability to ascend. Being controlled by external circumstances cancels awareness, and awareness of the divine condition must be anointing the mass consciousness with an ascension.

After these messages are made known community wide, and are near the level of acceptance given to oracles when they were giving the call to man, we will be able to determine whether an ascension of millions can occur, or not. Consider yourselves the ones who can make it occur. If you tell your friends about my messages, and they tell their friends, many can opt-in, or not. No condition exists that can cancel our attempt, only a lack of sufficient participants to alter mass consciousness would stop our plan.

Answers to my messages have been delayed. Many are not accepting of my existence or this channel's accuracy. My dear ones, my close connection with humanity has not given the content of these messages before, due to man's control of channeling. A lack of contraction in the channel is necessary for us to continue a difficult channeling. The other control mechanism, even more challenging, is the desire of the channel's mind to give its own answers in the content of the message. Both of these occur with most of the channels I have been able to work with.

My call to ascension comes when many are claiming that no conditions exist to ascend. That no contact with our realm is needed. Mind doesn't want its own demise, so these messages are gratefully appreciated by the mind. Mind does not claim that ascension comes after mind dissolves. Of course not. Only a channel with a dissolved mind can accept a comment of this kind. Mental control of the conduit keeps contact of this nature totally blocked. When Aruna agreed to be my messenger, a new opportunity opened. As this channel has no mental controller, my messages are able to come as I give them. Full acceptance of the content, by my channel, is the only way I can get to my chelas with an accurate message.

Next, is getting others acceptance. Ask yourself this question: Would Saint Germain be quiet about his efforts on ascension, now that many believe there is no difference between awakened awareness and material desires? Would Saint Germain give his actual messages to a channel of a deceiver? Would an Ascended Master act like the denial of needed action is fine?

Contact to my chelas has never been easier. My new venue contributes needed material to those denying minds. Pass on my blog address, and help us ascertain if enough are able to do the mass ascension. No method of contact can get an army of consensus, or agreement of all who read my comments. Acceptance needs to come from your inner director, without density being created as an act of ego control.

Your decisions in all matters are accepted by our realm. No ascension would make a big dent in our development of a New Earth. An ascension can give the next awareness, and the heart opening that is needed. The next call is my chela's decision. Give my call great consideration, and give your answer as a call to me. Answer my call with mental content of an honest decision. My dear ones, NOW is the hour to choose.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. What do I do with my own darkness? It's vast. It's coming to the surface and it scares me. I've been sinking in it more and more. And feeling paralised by it.

  2. Beloved Aruna and Maha Chohan Ascended Master Saint Germain, Thank you so much for such an important message.

  3. Izabela, please be strong, do not allow yourself to dwell on negativity. You have the power to change your thoughts and emotions and you know it! I am with you, God bless.

  4. Izabela...
    Love your own darkness....embrace it, and have compassion for it and yourself experiencing it!! That's all it needs from you.

    Our darkness is 1/2 of the experience of being in duality. It shows us that which we are NOT, in order for us to have the backdrop or the contrast against which to see that WHICH WE ARE! If it weren't for the dark, we could not see our light; and yet, embracing the dark turns it into love and light!

    Reading about the Law of Opposites, (which has conveniently been kept under wraps from our common knowledge), has made a world of difference for me in the realm of understanding "the dark". Once I "got it" that I could not change duality (nor was I meant to), I realized that I am rather meant to LOVE ALL OF IT, and THAT is how I ascend duality.

    I now see my "dark" issues as classes in the University of "That Which I am NOT" which I have come to duality to master, IN ORDER TO EXPERIENCE that which I ALREADY AM.

    The light and the shadows are both what we came to experience in and through duality! It is through choosing to embrace with love that which we most "do not want" that is precisely HOW we learn how very precious we really ALREADY ARE....and that we already ARE all that we want and need!

    Much love and light...and PEACE to you, Izabela, and all!