Friday, September 17, 2010

Are You REALLY Choosing Ascension?

Many of my chelas do not have the Master Messages. My channel compiled many teachings from me and my colleagues to make these available. My delivery of those messages came after twelve years of not channeling through this conduit. She had no need to channel after Awakening, and did not. When I approached her with this continuation of our work together, she agreed, not because she cared about the content, but for me. We have a caring connection, and that is why she accepted my request. My three books of messages have no comparable equivalents. They are my conduit's contribution to my dilemma of, "how to tell the true details on ascension, consciousness development, and the changes coming to Gaia, to an audience mesmerized by false messages." My conduit made no money doing this for me, so I told her the amount to ask for these books.

Clear messages about Ashtar, the Galactic Federation and all other matters of highest drama are there, commented on by those who are the guardians of these conditions, the correct ones to contribute. My next comment is for those who have read my Master Messages: consider them the most accurate advice available from my realm. No other messages are more accurate. Now, an update:

Many changes have occurred to man's consciousness, not all are good. Man is being controlled by many agents of drama, and all of them are advancing FEAR. America's government has been totally dominated by a group of men and women who are Illuminati, and they are draining all of the world's economies to complete an ancient contract. This is their only goal. They want to destroy the US, as a way of managing the entire world. No US, no defense systems against their attack-control mechanisms. They want to enter a collapsed, bankrupt country, with a most charismatic android that makes a complete mess of the freedoms that the US was based on. They are already on the way to complete takeover, and no new conditions have occurred to deflect any of their moves. My Master Messages show the way to turn this around.

Ashtar commands a fleet of Master led, man contacting, demonstrators of divine calling, who are able to defend man's control of his cause when needed. No action of this nature is now being considered, because man has not become angry enough to defend himself against this complete takeover by the Illuminati. No cause to defend has been delivered to the Ashtar Command.  My dear ones. Apathy abounds. Clearing the apathy can alter this entire drama. As long as there is no change in the level of  concern about the current condition, no defense can be engaged on other dimensions to interfere. At this time, there is no new movement of energy towards reclaiming a God directed consciousness. This delivers empty messages to this bold group of defenders who are gathered together to deliver assistance. Can another consciousness be activated? Only if my chelas do it!

The Galactic Federation will not be delivering anyone to another planet. In the Master Messages, this was an option being planned. We were counting on a group ascension in three waves. Our first wave has already ascended in consciousness, but not their bodies. This was changed, to allow those who would have disappeared, to make more contributions to the next wave. Of the original twenty million, only a very small number was on that first wave, a mere 100,000. Not enough to attract sufficient attention for governments to notice.  Our new plan is to gather one million, our next gateway is coming before the end of 2011. Are you going to ascend? There's not much time to get ready. Commit to it now, and begin a very intense journey into a new awareness. After this date, no more demonstrations will be controlled by our realm. Only one at a time, at the moment of death, will be able to ascend. Most of the ten million contracted to be on this big demonstration wave are not ready.

"Acceptance of the way it is" does nothing for an awakening or ascension. An accepting man is a man who feels he has the ability to accept or reject. In awakened, God consciousness, there is neither acceptance or rejection. Ending duality consciousness is what leads to an awakening. Growth in "being a good human" is not an awakening. Only a God energized heart can destroy an ego's desire to control. True happiness is man's natural condition, not a way of reacting to his material world achievements.

Brothers and sisters, my goal here is not to scare you, or make you agree with me. It is to deliver new directions about man's ability to ascend, based on current conditions. Pleasing me is not my concern either. God dances in many areas of consciousness, and my dialogs are only one of them. Can my dense chelas get the message and do what is needed? Are you one of those who needs a big kick? Are you on track? Only you know the answer to these questions.

If you are building bunkers, you are being led by an alien deceiver. If you are anticipating being delivered to another planet, again, an alien deceiver has caught you. If you are believing that the abundance of money you desire is more important than meditation, get ready for a most disappointing combination of conditions that are coming very soon. If you are ok about death, you can ascend. If not, don't even consider yourself a candidate for ascension. An ascension to another dimension means a different energetic condition, and is not the same as continuing life in an astral, or 5th dimension  dream. It means NO dream. It is beyond dreaming. It is consciousness, as it really is.

As consciousness, no body called "me" is deciding about material concerns, because there are no bodies. Fear of death deletes an ascension. All your beliefs about death need direct attention. Are you going to die? Can consciousness die? No, you are eternal, and do not die, no matter what happens to a body. Ascension can delete a death experience, but the effect will be very much the same - with no body to bury or cremate. But your drama as a "person" will still be over.

Are you aware of this? Are you agreeing to this? No? Then there can be no group ascension. A bunch of bodies demanding a beautiful existence on another dimension is not what ascension is about. It dissolves the body as its molecular structure disappears. Are you afraid? Good! Get yourself very clear of this actual condition now. Get ready to leave Gaia, or make no commitment to ascension. Are the doors open? Not yet. Are you going to be one of those who takes the leap?

My channeling on this blog is not to amuse or entertain. It is to communicate the actual facts about ascension and the days to come. Ascension is the more conscious choice.

If you are now aware that you have fear, get this handled. Fear deletes all movement in consciousness. Fear contracts. Make believe scenarios are abundant. They are not accurate, but look desirable. Are you caught in the deception? An ego cannot choose about this. An adept must know!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Excelent, Saint Germain, thank you for this update on Master Messages.

  2. WOW!! Awesome message, Saint Germain!
    The straight, no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is delivery is much needed and refreshing! PLEASE keep this level and type of support coming through your writings!

    Thank you!

  3. Beloved Saint Germain and Blessed Aruna, Thank you so much for such an important message at the right time. Thank you so much. We honour you and grateful for everything. You are great blessing to plaet earth and God knows how many other planets. We are very thankful to Blessed Aruna to bring to us most authentic and Crystal Clear messages from you Lord St.Germain to us. Also grateul that we have opportunity to write to you our thoughts at your Blog here. Please do convey our regards to Beloved Lord Sananda, Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord Buddha, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Micheal, Metatron and all rest divine beings in higher realms.

    With Love
    Muhammad Habib

  4. You stated above: "Our first wave has already ascended in consciousness, but not their bodies. This was changed, to allow those who would have disappeared, to make more contributions to the next wave."

    This very much helps me to understand why I have nothing, literally nothing left in tact from my previous old "3D" life, and why I have felt so extremely "homesick" and forgotten these past several months. Also, why I feel that many of those of the next wave seem very uninterested in receiving the "ascension gifts" us first-wavers have to contribute and pass on.

    I lovingly continue to allow my ascension to take me to new levels of my divine blueprint while here, and I continue to answer the call from within to be one with God Source at all times! I consciously send out all the light that I hold to Humanity and the Earth. This is my purpose and my Heart's only desire.

    I was not familiar with the term "chela" before your messages; but from your descriptions of chelas, I know that I AM one, and that I have been hearing and following my inner call loud and clear for many years now. This present message, in particular, illuminates for me what my path is presently about, and I very much appreciate this! Thank you so much, Saint Germain and Aruna for this message!


  5. I'm a little confused with this message. First you say that "acceptance of the way it is does nothing for an awakening or ascension". Then you go on to say that If we are okay with death we can ascend, if not, we should not even think about it. Isn't 'being okay with death' a form of acceptance ABOUT death? How then can you say that acceptance of 'what is' is in no way helpful to awakening or ascension.

    Other than that I Do understand what you are saying here.

  6. I can see at Awakening Coach website that Master Messages now is being sold only as e-book, therefore I can consider myself lucky to have it as printed book, purchased in the time it was sold in this format as well.
    I can read it at any place, without using eletronic devices.
    The good and old book has no substitutes, thus my suggestion to keep the printed version as well.
    Yes, I know, the person can print it, send to encadernation, and then will have the printed book, but the old fashion is much better, just purchase the book and it is done.
    Computers may be good for some things, but not in this case, the traditional book has no substitute. Nowadays with the photocopy houses at any block a book can be easily reproduced by the author, in small quantities. The "print on demand" graphics also do the job, and all this can be done through Internet. Again my suggestion to make new books containing all messages which came after the end of Master Messages. Messages just posted in Internet have not much value, they are considered "for immediate consumption" and discarded soon after, quickly replaced for new messages, from the same author, and when it stops coming, for another authors. In this distorted process caused by the Internet, relevant messages are soon forgotten.

  7. I very much appreciate the information you provided in “Are You REALLY Choosing Ascension.” If you would be so kind I would appreciate clarification regarding a statement you made. But first a little “build up.”

    From what I have put together in my current limited-consciousness (smile) there are individuals who will ascend after they go through the process called death, then there are individuals who will disappear from 3D upon their ascension, then there are individuals who have ascended but currently remain in 3D physical embodiment. The process of group ascension is beyond my comprehension at this time.

    I personally may be getting close to ascension, then again I may still be in “kindergarten” (smile). It matters not. IAM THAT IAM is all that matters.

    I see the energies that are coming in as helping to enlighten humanity so the masses can finally reach peaceful, environmentally aware consciousness. I can see current 3D humanity embracing 4D throughout the Age of Aquarius and finally reaching in mass The Golden Age during the Age of Capricorn. I feel there are individuals alive today, not just in the Himalayas, who will be reaching the consciousness state of immortality in the physical body; probably with the assistance of the Life Elixir which Comte de Saint Germain brought into the world in the 1700’s.

    IAM confused about the two-earth scenario. Will the ascended ones who disappear from 3D be living on the new earth? Will 4D individuals be on the new earth or the old earth during the Age of Aquarius? Will 3D individuals stay on the old earth and have opportunity for ascension at the next cycle; the next 26,000 year cycle perhaps.

    The statement in “Are You REALLY Choosing Ascension” that I would like you to expand upon is “Get ready to leave Gaia, or make no commitment to ascension. Are the doors open? Not yet. Are you going to be one of those who takes the leap?”

    It is my understanding that Gaia is ascending and "awakened ones" will ascend with Her.

    Thanks, Aruna. Namaste ♥♥♥