Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ascension for the Masses

Many of the questions about next events are due to curiosity about the care one needs to take on an economic level, or whether the area of a country of residence is going to change. My dear ones, give me a moment to lead the way to ascension and let these concerns go. Most of you are not going to be dealing with these alterations to your areas of residence. My content for this blog is more about ascension, because I want my chelas to be the ones who ascend. I will not detail all of the changes that are anticipated, activating fear and concern about when to anticipate them. It will do no good, because nothing can be done to avoid the catastrophies that are going to happen. At the least, expect to be around to get caught in the money crisis, and be aware that no country will be considered "safe" from the next level of this dismantling.

Basically, all of the world will be in crisis mode. Collapse of currency markets will destroy all of them. Now, what will get you through this with the least amount of difficulty? AWAKENING! Awakening creates a cause and effect scenario that allows the awakened one to be able to attract to him/her what must occur to be ok. Are there others who can get this same Mastery? Yes, and many are not aware of their Mastery potential yet, due to their lack of awareness. My chelas are not only all Masters as a group, other Masters have groups of chelas that are also Masters. Awakening helps complete the cycle of cause and effect living. It demonstrates that divine cause is love, and love can be accepted or not.

Masters are not going to disturb others unless they need that disturbance. Giving a disturbing message to one who needs the lesson is also love. When a Master tells you that the mental attitude you have is not aceptable, that is a call for more awareness. When a Master tells you to get out of a difficult way of creating your life, that is love. When a Master gives you the medicine you need, this medicine may give you a cough or a cold, because it is the loosening up of old concepts that need coughing out of the system. Are these examples showing you the correct way of dismantling the ego? Yes, and that is all that most chelas are needing.

Many days have come and gone since I began giving advice on these matters. Now there are almost 200 messages on all aspects of this ascension creation. And, my three volumes of Master Messages contain even more details. Now, what do these messages convey? Ascension calls after ascension calls, with lots of methods that can provide the lessons of love that are needed to ascend.

Chelas are not giving my teachings adequate acceptance. If their mind doesn't like what is being mentioned, they leave, and give no more attention to my calls. And many do not like these messages at all, due to the content. No "why?" questions have been asked. No, "am I going to be ready?" channelings have been requestd. No "are we able to leave before the continents change?" questions have appeared.

No love of the messages can make an Awakening occur, only letting go of the attitudes that must change can do that. I am giving you a clear example of how an ego controls one's mental ability to look at cause and effect with a more conscious approach.

First, the disturbance occurring is caused by YOU! Collectively, on mass consciousness issues, and by the one being disturbed when it comes to personal issues. If the circumstances of your life are disturbing, act like you caused them, and explore the cause as a way of dismantling the ego, rather than focusing on the effect. No wants and demands for awakening are answered with coddling. They are answered with disturbing conditions to let you know the cause of your mis-aligned consciousness. All the disturbances are gifts. If you can act like they are gifts, instead of getting disturbed, they can lead you to ascension. Acting angry about circumstances, instead of accepting their gifts, can destroy an opportunity for ascension.

When the ascension comes, where will you be? Not the place, the awareness. Are you being grateful for these gifts? Are you giving them the attention they need? Can they disturb the essence of the controllers game? No, but they can give them a lesson in having their egos dismantled.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
The three volumes of Master Messages can be purchased here.


  1. I have been reading these daily, and forwarding on! I LOVE this information, and this blog. All I have wanted to ask IS about when the continents will shift. I'm in California...and I am extremely curious. Oddly, it is mentioned above that no one is asking about will they be ok and when will the continents move. I didn't ask b/c I didn't think I could be HEARD! Please, if you can, tell St. Germain that my bag is packed in my mind and I want to know about when the continents will move. Blessings and much love and gratitude!! Erin

  2. Thank you, my anonymous benefactor, I am very grateful. Namaste :)

  3. Dear Saint Germain. There is a petition on -line to Galactic Federation asking ETs to show up and bring to the Earth their technologies and the healing for Mother Earth and the Gulf of Mexico. How can we be sure that we will not invite more entities who want to control this realm instead of those who are Gaia's and the humanity's friends? Besides is it up to ETs to heal this planet or maybe this rather is humans' responsibility to wake up and take care of Her?