Monday, January 24, 2011

Qualifying for Ascension

Channeling this blog has been very contientiously done. I am very pleased that my consciousness has been available for those who can accept it. Now we must find a way to convince all that cannot accept my call for ascension, that they can get on the next wave if they do what they need to do to become able. What that is, depends on the contract made before incarnating. If the three main decisions of the heart have been contributed to the heart's directives, then the lessons to be learned have been completed.

Here are the decisions that complete one's cycle of incarnations:
1. My name and form are the contract, my consciousness is not.
2. My life was all good, because all my disturbances gave me more awareness.
3. When the contract is complete, my consciousness will ascend.

All of these comments are the perception of a Master. All other comments give another life.

When my heart was contained in a body, these decisions also had to be made. My mind didn't want to leave the life my current body enjoyed. It became more and more disappointed with the human dynamic once the density of the collapse of man's change in life focus went out of heart light and into mind. My wants were met, and my dreams were full of love to all. Now, my life could have been  continued, as it was not a dis-ease that ended it, or my desire to be with all the others who did not get their Master's approval to be with me when I ascended. I chose to ascend. It was not a typical ascension. Before ascending, my physical body died. After it was buried in a vault, it ascended. Why? To be certain that no controllers could move it. At that time there were many grave robbers.

Why am I telling this to my chelas? Because my ascension was not a mass ascension. If we are not able to deliver a mass ascension with adequate numbers to make an impact, we can only give instructions to those who can get our directions through their own channel. Changes of any arrangements made can also be an option, so channeling the inner guidance must be possible. Are you able to channel? Are the days of your growth over? Are new and different demands on you deepening your awakened awareness?

Fast comes the end of days. No more time to waste. Are many going to learn to channel before it comes? Maybe. What do these messages mean to you? Are they acceptable to deliver to others? Will many get the desire to ascend? No telling.

Chelas, close the door to death and being born another time. Allow your heart to fly. Get the decisions this message brings handled. Now may be the last chance.  Face the truth about this life. You are not the body or the mask you wear. You are not the fraternizing personality that has the name you answer to. You may give away material acquisitions, because you won't need them when you ascend.

Now is the time to leave all the details to us and develop more interest in channeling guidance directly. Are these messages getting read by millions? Absolutely not, only hundreds. Thousands have missed this opportunity because their mind dismisses what is conveyed. My dear opposition has determined these are not from me. My channel has made certain no interference comes. My love is together with the Christ consciousness. Are these mistaken brothers and sisters able to ascend? When the call comes, the beings who can ascend must hear the call. Ascension will occur. The date is not yet known.

Self awareness begins with looking inside to determine the needs of this ascension candidate. Are they about giving or taking? All who don't give are not going to ascend. Takers are not aware of their divine nature. Clear the mind of dense attitudes and collect the Master's gifts that have been awaiting the correct choices of these three questions.

Pass this on please.

My dear Isabela. Not all ETs are caring. No ETs are going to correct what's not as it needs to be. All the ETS can do is mess with what God has created, and disturb more of the continents grasp of gravity. Controllers are the ones working with ETs, not the heart centered light consciousness. Are the Galactic Federation going to assist in an evacuation? Yes, not an alteration of mechanisms already condemned by God.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. This message brought me at tears at many points, for many reasons. You know all of them Saint Germain. On September 07, 2010, after I contacted you for the first time through Aruna, you told me:

    "Beloved, care for your own development, and guide others by the heart of no divisions.

    Bless the day you contacted me."

    I live today a conscious life, and do my best to put at use your advise. Thank you for sharing with us your experience, sentiments, and mastery.

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