Tuesday, January 4, 2011

World Healing Opportunity

When my message compliments your life experience, this means we are being led by the same source. Are the things I have said creating the cause and effect difference that I intended? What more do my words need to convey? I've given many discourses on ascension, awakening, brotherhood, community, controllers, deceivers, enlightenment, future events, God, gratitude, happiness, Mastery, Earth changes, waking-up, health, dreams vs. reality, consciousness, manipulation, awareness, giving, caring, death, denial and fear. What else do you think you need to understand?

My next messages are to be less wordy and more defined. I will deliver a message that goes directly to the heart. What my words convey is less important than the mandate they call for. Bring them into your heart to FEEL what my message is about.

Today's new message is about caring: Move your attention out of this written material, and direct it towards someone who has been disturbed recently. Make them a new caring container with your imagination. Cover them with a green aura. Mentally conceive of them getting completely contained in this green glow. Wait ten seconds, then dip a mental image of a needle into liquid gold. Then proceed to close up the aura around this being with a needle and thread action, using the needle you imagined, and the liquid gold thread you also thought into creation. Allow this cocoon to set for awhile, as the mental cause of its existence tells the being inside the following words:

"You are the most cared about human that ever existed. Your mother loves you more than anything. Your father does also, and all the brothers and sisters in your family are here to give you the love you need now. Allow them to hold you. Turn over all your concerns to them. Give them the distress you have been holding. Let them take care of it."

Now, give this last comment with no dates or times added:

"I Am God, the one who cares for you as your mother, father, sisters and brothers. I am the one who wants your disturbance. Give me the pain. Give me the memories of the event. My God-like creation, you are the one that has the light that others need. Heal the mind and come out of the cocoon when you are ready to let go of the past. I am waiting."

In this ceremony you have given another a love and caring creation that can provide them with a great healing. Assist anyone that needs this. It can be done without their agreement, as no demand is made of them.

Can you imagine the complete love this conveys? Use it and don't ask for any comments about it. Be an anonymous giver . . .

Can you do this for those who are not getting their basic needs met? Can you do this for mental patients? Can you do this for anyone that needs assistance? Give God's love to those who cannot remember how much God loves them. You can be of great assistance to world healing.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  2. Thank You So Much Dear Aruna and Saint Germain.

  3. Thank you so much for your message and encouragement. I plan to do this to many people. How can we do this on ourselves?