Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Physical Changes

My dear ones. Changes happen to the human body when they happen outside the body. All of the universes are going through immense alterations. People have the awareness of these differences even when they are not conscious of what has occurred. In the past few months there has been twelve new corrections made to the axis to keep it on a matrix of calm change, as opposed to a more dramatic one. And all of the chemicals and microwaves being transmitted into the atmosphere does things not even considered by the majority to have an effect.

What has become the complete destruction of at least millions of communities of animals has just made an impression on man's mind. Are you missing out on the destruction? Absolutely not! Your nervous, immune and respiratory systems are all in advanced stages of deterioration. All your other systems are being attacked too, but not in advanced stages yet. Poisons abound. It is in the air, the water, and all the food you eat. All grown meals are as compromised as the ones being chemically altered, because the Earth's natural structure has contracted as a result of defense, and the controllers decisions to move nuclear waste through the heart of the growing areas. All of your areas of manufacturing are destroying farms. Are you getting the picture?

"I only eat organic" you say. All of your organic guidelines are formed by the same folks who detonate your chemicals. Be aware, only a few can truly say, "I only eat organic". Are you taking any chemical medicines? Add them also to your damage awareness. Are you doing contact to others with any digital or cellular methods? Consider these also. Are you convinced yet?

My comments are to make you more aware of the cause of the body's need for more advanced methods of adapting to all of our destroyed contributions to its maintenance. More sleep continues to be needed to cope. Not getting adequate rest has the effect of allowing the destruction to become more contained. Human bodies need readjusting to what they are coming in contact with all day. Will they completely adapt? Maybe. Will they adapt by the time the continents actually move? Consider this:

Many changes are occurring simultaneously. More are near. When the diaspora occurs, there will be no more adjustments being made, and great changes will happen all at once. Can a body adapt?

Many will dismiss what I am saying as dark, not the truth, etc. But, dear ones, this is why the ascension plan was created. Please do not get depressed. I am not doom and gloom. Are you going to look at a cup half-empty as getting empty or now able to be filled? I am telling you that this cup cannot get down to empty with the ascension coming up. Ascension changes all of this. Why? Because this dimension will no longer be the dimension you will be on, and on the higher dimensions this destruction can be deleted instantly.

Colleges and other advanced learning communities have no contact with other dimensions. They do not have any contribution to make to the alteration of human and animal consciousness. But a clear channel can advise you how to deal with your current dilemma. Channeling must be the door to change, not academics!

Are you learning to channel? Are you getting guidance directly from your own consciousness? Are you giving yourself the best way to deal with body changes? Consider all differences in physical composition to be the result of chemicals and the other changes that have consumed your planet. Be less active, get more rest, dream of the New Earth. Give the body meditation when you cannot sleep. Reject  the next portion of technology that brings you "advanced" chemicals or EMFs.

Give the heart the opportunity to love. Love is the answer to healing. Love the toxins. Love the destruction. Love the complete transformation of the planet. It was you who designed this drama. Can you be more accepting of the progression it is taking? I AM loves all that is. Welcome what this "new and different" concept will bring.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
Saint Germain's A Course In Channeling can be purchased here.

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  1. I will try to comment without bringing ego and fear into this. Are we experincing the Atlantian fear of destruction? I am waking up tired after 11+ hours of sleep and am nervous sometimes. I am a great believer in lavender to cleanse and calm,I know that works for me.

    Does it do any good to buy organic? Is the answer taking a detox formula for our bodies?
    Izabela, if it helps I have heard high tones for about 20 years, but I believe it is the angels and higher vibrations, so it's comforting. What say you, beloved St. Germain?

  2. Hello,

    First I would like to thank you for supporting messages. (Some are more nudgy that the other but they for sure help us in the way:))

    I do have 2 question regaring healing of "disases". I have an experiece latelly that taugh me to see the feel the fower of creating with our thought and how powerful it is if we (I) bellieve in it. Now one can free him/herself from such a situation? What non-medical (mean using drugh or herbs)aide is the best availabe option for healing?

  3. Correction on question one the under the words of "now" I meant "HOW": Wow one can free him/herself from such situation? What older post would be as refrence of this question?

    Sorry for the confusion.