Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chelas Who Want to Ascend Can

**Note from Aruna: There was no message from Saint Germain yesterday. I posted the Masters and Mankind message on this board in error, and the only thing I could do to remedy the situation was delete the text. That is why those who subscribe to this blog received a blank e-mail. Here is today's message from Saint Germain. I (and you) receive them every other day:

Giving these messages the attention they need will determine the condition of each ascension candidate. None of the changes have been dramatic enough for the majority to believe that my words must be correct, but this is coming. Change to all of the continents continues to wreck the economies and general health of humanity. Questions about the details of these changes cannot be answered. Not because we are keeping them a secret, but because we don't have answers. As one change can effect one area one way, and different areas another way, these continuous lapses of "normal" can cause many different results, depending on how one effects the others. The cause of these alterations to your world has already been described, now we must discuss the effects:

Police being in charge will become common. Not having enough to eat will become normal. Add to this a currency collapse and no housing market to deliver homes to new families who need them, creating overcrowding in the homes of their parents. New commodities will not be advertised to consumers, due to the lack of currency available to buy anything. No drugs will be trafficked in the streets by their hungry consumers, due to the lack of money available to buy them. But can we assume they will disappear? No, they will be totally available as barter. Who will give their homes away to drug dealers? Anyone needing their drugs. Can we assume drugs will be a commodity of value? Absolutely!

Can we assume that US dollars are going to be deleted as the most diminished currency? Not yet, because all other currencies depend on this one. But once the dollar has been devalued down to only a miniscule amount, it will collapse, and other currencies will compete to replace it.

Once this begins, all other currencies will also devalue, so none of them will have the distinction of rising to the occasion. No, the Chinese yuan will not bcome the most dominant one, because their way of competing cannot be dependent on consumer goods. World markets will destroy their economy. When all this comes to pass, my words about getting prepared, getting a community together, and growing food will be a blessing to those who listened and acted.

But, where does ascension fit in, you ask? Not with the consciousness that has to do these things and doesn't. It will be the gift that can deliver hope to all who are struggling with these dense conditions. It will not be the answer, it will be the call.

Children of God are all equal. No decision has been made about this for them. All who chose to ascend can do so. Some decided not to choose to ascend and now want to. They can. No director is going to delete any applicants for these roles in this play. Only the candidates themselves can do this.

Happiness is the key to the ascension door. Being accepting of everything that can happen, and still being happy, makes your ascension goals a reality. We need your happiness to light the path to ascension. Contentment is not enough. We need complete detachment from all the conditions that will occur, and complete happiness about leaving also. We need cool heads and clear decisions. We need a good army of healthy, happy, centered humans to disappear, in numbers so big, it is noticed that they are gone.

No demands are being made on anyone to choose this. Nor, are we even leading new beings towards it. Only those who are drawn to this choice can be included. My choice is for all to leave this Earth as ascended beings, but not all are able to do so. They are continuing to be at effect of their living conditions, instead of in charge of them. They destroy, instead of energize. They demand instead of give. Clearly, they still have more to learn about the human continuium.

Have any of these things been discussed in your home? No? Now is the opportunity to look at what might be needed. Clouds over this dimension could completely disturb those who have no God awareness. Clouds over the millions of contracted chelas who do not claim their chosen destiny may defeat this entire plan. Consider how you can delete these clouds.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. "Some decided not to choose to ascend and now want to. They can."
    I had a dream tonight. I signed something that was between God and me. In my awakening state, as I wrote the little dream down in my diary I thought about the meaning, and same questions asked before came up. Could it be a renewal of the "arshived" contract? A review of any specifics? Change of circumstances?
    The individual contract is about the spiritual advancement. The decision making in choosing ways to do it is largely effected by the play of other characters around me and their decision making. How far the other characters can go in affecting us, make us deviate from the original contract (Is here a reason for being detached?) Can I/we review certain things agreed in the original contract (to add, to take out, to emprove, and so on)? You say Yes, but how we do it: in our dreams? with our prayers? our thoughts? The talk about contracts is everywhere. Myself have asked many times about them. And still little knowing. Would you, Saint Germain, wish to explain something? Thanks.

  2. Dear Ascended Master St. Germain,

    May I know if the events/situations which you have mentioned in this article would be visible or at least starts to manifest sometime this year?

    Because looking into the details which you have provided, the entire change would take many months (if not a few years) for the changes to be visible, would that view would be true?

    Apart from that, I've been hearing rumors that many good people around the world are trying to resolve the global economy and financial problems that is plaguing the world, would it be a fair assessment that such efforts would ultimately fail as well? The scenario which you have mentioned here, has a very high possibility of manifesting or already starting to manifest?

    Would St. Germain be able to give us an estimate(not the specifics) about when the US currency would fall and when things would peak? That would give us some time to do what's necessary to prepare and plan what's needed.

    Lastly, would it be fair to say that the next window for global ascension would be sometime before the year 2012? And the last window of mass ascension would be sometime after 2012?

    Thank you very much.

  3. Saint Germain has a point in what he tells us and how much he tells us. Details of what is going to happen, when is going to happen, how is it going to happen first are not important, second, nobody but God knows in details.

    Saint Germain's main point is to prepare us mentally and psychologically to be prepared, so when the "disasters" come they don't destroy our souls (body is only the temporary shelter of the soul, it doesn't have to do with the ascension process: The Soul does!), because we know. We are here to face courageously disasters of any kind. We have proved the quality of positive resisting of ourselves. We have resisted greater disasters than these ones coming. They were disasters that put our souls in jeopardy so many times, but look, here we are, each of us greater than ever, shining the light of God across the universe, having wild dreams about the future that to me doesn't look as a future, but as a reality already here with us...

    Saint Germain's point is to remind us what we are, what our potential is, what our destiny is. Physical disasters come and go as always they did and will do. Saint Germain says to us "get up guys, don't let them to wash you away!" This is his mission. Telling us that any change in physical world, no matter how it is going to show up, is coming for the highest good we ever imagined with our limited human minds.

    Enjoy the rest of the day everybody as I will.

  4. Dear St.Germain, Thank You so much for the message of Ascension.

    Muhammad Habib

  5. Hi everyone...

    I would like to concur with the information which St. Germain has given us here is, to a certain extent, similar to what David Wilcock has mentioned in his latest article about what's going on right now, in his latest update article posted on his website (www.divinecosmos.com).

    Interestingly, David Wilcock says that he has getting dreams which indicated to him that things are going to get much worse before they get any better. He also reminds everyone to get ready, ride it out and that things are going to be much better once the whole situation blows over. The only part which he didn't mention is that how long before the entire situation/event blows over.

    I have a question for St. Germain, for those who didn't make it for Ascension and remain in this dimension, would they be facing a certain fate of doom and declining living standards?

  6. What we can do in here in this blog to make mass ascension happen? Howe can we start to create a community through this blog?
    Does anyone at least interested in stat to communicate with each other?

  7. "Does anyone at least interested in stat to communicate with each other?"

    Communicating would be great. We can share our every day experiences of change, and becoming more conscious beings.It's a lot going on individually and as a collective. It is an exciting time. Big time.

    I am in.

  8. I am thinking about all day what exactly a community would look like . what would be part of such a system. Can we all imagine having a group of poeple and everyone would do be responsible for something? One would do the garden other would be the mechanic thirt would take care of the children etc. No money would dictate our life ( I assume this community would be a 100% Independent so money would be useless)

    How such a community would govern itself? would that be an elderly council or one leader?
    Anybody has any comment on this?