Monday, January 10, 2011

Birds and Fish

My dear ones. My thanks for the one comment I got regarding these messages. My teachings and comments about the future will both continue.

Today's question is about the death of birds and fish. My condolences for this great loss to all who have the compassion to care. Change the mind of man, and you can stop these continuous messages about the water and air, and the self-sacrifice of many of God's feathered and finned creatures can end.

Nothing new happened to contaminate the air and water in these areas. It was a mass deletion of these animals by their own choice. Change of direction to the axis has already begun, and more of this kind of destruction will occur - unless new mental attitudes allow an increased rate of vibratory frequency for ALL of the Earth's inhabitants. Self destruct is the contract of many of God' creatures. Now is the time. Other species are doing it also. Bees, for example, and many bird species. Dolphins and whales are coming to the beaches as messengers to man about the dirty mess man has created in their environment.

All of these creatures are giving man messages about destruction. Man's destruction of his Universe has gone beyond repair. What remains to be changed is consciousness.

Are many concerned about the results of man's destructive attitudes? Some, but not enough to contain an already disrupted eco-system. Not enough to contribute a different arrangement for migration of many thousands of birds. Not enough to appropriate clean up crews to oceans and their tributories, or the coves where dolphins are cruely destroyed. Not enough to move an active carrier of disease out of an area where many animals are being contaminated. It is not the consciousness of these animals that needs altering, it is the consciousness of man and his money cartels.

Twenty-million can make a difference. An amazing amount of grace can be delivered through those who are ready to ascend. Mass consciousness can be dramatically altered. Change can be disseminated, and there is nothing that cannot be arranged differently. Welcoming divine awareness into mankind's domain means man can act as God and create as God, without any of the management that man's group mind can now disburse. When minds are quiet, God and an advanced crew of aware beings can clean up the mess that now exists. "New and different" techniques can be employed, and destruction will no longer be accepted.

Facing the facts must come before any of this. Acknowledging that man has destroyed, and cannot continue to destroy, is next. Only then can any clean up begin. Are the mass murderers of these giving, caring birds, and other animals going to disappear from the land?

Only those who are awake and aware can maintain the light through the mass increase of energy that is being delivered to aid Mother Earth. All those who destroyed her cannot advance to the next level of consciousness. It is their destiny to leave the planet through death. As the purveyors of death, many will die as an act of God's will. Many will be denied adequate care of their needs. And those who were actively controlling all that commenced by their will, can anticipate a most controlled condition for their death. Choice of their manner of death was made as they came into the body for their role in the human drama.

Political deceivers are to be exposed and corrupt ones are to be destroyed, as their choice has also been made. No duality will be left. All of the negative and aggressive nature of man will be deleted.

Forerunners to these events are the messengers, who are contacting man's minds with group deaths. Can you act on their behalf? No, they are giving up their lives for you! Can you accept their sacrifice, as a nod from them, to do what needs to be done to change man's consciousness? Freedom has its price. Your freedom is what they are making their sacrifice for.

Birds, fish, bees, and other migrating animals must be the "density communicators". They need to contact those who are dense. Are they doing this effectively? Yes. Aren't your dense acquaintances being made aware of these mass deaths? Are they concerned? I'm not going to claim anything about that.

Open your hearts and welcome the higher vibrations. Thank all who are leaving, so others can gain more awareness. Practice meditation and channeling, as these are your tickets home.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Hello. I have a question: why sleeping of many of us is recently disturbed so much causing the feeling of tiredness almost all the time?
    And I also would like to ask about a sound I constantly hear in my head past 2 years which is like a very high tone all the time, the other is lower and pulstaing with a high speed and the third one sounds like OM- sometimes it is so loud that I am surprised that I still can hear what others say to me. I aksed a few people if they experience this and just 2 of them told me that they also can hear it. Could you make a comment on it, please?

  2. I would love to know those too.