Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Country's Currency

Shall my words be more teachings or more cautions about future events? I am not going to detail the exact conditions that are to come, because anything can change. As far as the teachings are concerned, many of my chelas are learning their lessons by the most challenges they have ever had, and are not losing their heart centered mode of being. Consider this the goal!

Foreign nationals from countries outside the United States have made agreements about the American continent and its currency, that will control all the money that is based on the US dollar. Besides losing money in the currency exchange markets, other currencies can deny the continuation of exchanging that currency to theirs. What this means is, the currency market will flounder and the US dollar will be dropped as a major currency. People who have only dollars will be able to use them in the countries that accept them, but not in others.

Are any currencies more adaptable? No, as the other currencies are going to get less useful also when the dollar discounts are taken. Only gold and silver, and certain other natural minerals will maintain value, and they won't be much good at the grocery store.

Every country will honor its own currency, so if you are in the US you can use your dollars there. Europe can accept euros, China can accept yuan, etc., but no country will accept another country's money. What to do when you live in one country and are paid in the currency of another? Nothing, you either must return to the country where your money comes from, or you will not have any money to use. So much for going to another country to retire. When this occurs, will you be where you can use the money you are dependant on? Can you get money exchanged at the bank where you are? Consider this to be a most important thing to consider.

Can I predict that this will actually occur? Yes. Can I tell you when? Not exactly. My ability to give dates is not good. Can I give a guess? No, because men have free will and decisions that are made daily can change the conditions that determine these things. But, my intention in telling you this can aid those who want to live in other countries with income now coming to them as dollars or euros, or with other conditions that can be affected by this change. Plan accordingly. Give this choice of lifestyle much consideration.

People who earn income in the country they live can manage. Those who don't, cannot. Prices of goods that come from other countries are also to be dramatically affected, and most exports out of the countries whose currency has been devalued can completely disappear. So, if you need things that are being imported, get them now. Make arrangements about money. Give the choice about currency to the country you are living.

When money is being controlled by draconian cabals, no one can know all the details of their current decisions. All I can give you now is this task: find out how the currency market can affect you, and make an arrangement that best supports you.

Money has the greatest impact on Mastery. Can a Master give money away without cringing? When money is taken away from a Master, can the body be relaxed and happy anyway? Use this test to consider whether the Mastery of money is a lesson you've already learned. No? Then begin by giving away money and see how it feels. When you can give and get, with no reaction, you've Mastered money.

Can't do that? Give, and breathe. Allow the heart to open. Give and breathe. Change the current attitude from loss to abundance, and keep the breath flowing. Change the heart chakra spinning direction to the left to feel tight and to the right to feel comfortable. Change the direction again when the comfort gets out of control. Don't give away all that you own! Open hearts are neither tight or too giving. They are conscious of the conditions and contain the wisdom of a Master. Close the door to fear. I don't want you to be afraid. All conditions are as they need to be. My objective is to keep the awareness up and the fear down.

Heal the heart by being giving, and change the choice you have made about country of residence if you don't get your money in that country's currency. Be aware and unafraid.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank you Ascended Master St. Germain for this article to all of us, no doubt I believe that many of us would find it very informative and at the very least an indication of what is to come. Given the interesting situation right now, I think that a mixture of both spiritual teachings and practical indications/updates of what's to come would be very useful to all of us.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Could Ascended Master St. Germain please comment on the recent mass dying of birds and fishes around the world?

    Thank you very much

  3. good information on this blog.nice job