Thursday, March 3, 2011

In the Name of Friendship

Friendship is the most important of all your life experience. Making friends leads to good health and happiness. Friends are those that you can count on. Once a good friend gives their word, no other development dissolves their decision. Providing this kind of dedicated love is the most important thing you can do. It gives you more confidence in your own consistency and caring ability. Consistency as a friend is not defined in any dictionary, so I will define it now: It is the continuous display of love.

Nothing makes a bigger contribution to another's delight than consistency in a relationship that is heart driven. It is the answer to every change that can deliver disturbance. Knowing there is someone who always cares will support you in choosing to continue on. When death approaches, this kind of relationship also does a lot for the death experience. Having caring dear ones to thank for their love provides the dying with an ability to give love at the moment of death, instead of dying in fear.

When a good days work is done, is there a most caring friend to let you know you did a good job? Are you able to deliver this kind of caring to others? Are you a good friend?

Many of you are giving love to groups, to those who are in need, to the healing of  hearts all over the planet, but are you doing this at home? Peace and awareness are gifts you can share, as they are always welcome. When good deeds are done, many of you get positive feedback about that action, or a comment that was meaningful. Imagine giving yourself many opportunities to receive this daily. Can you deliver more good deeds to those close to home? No money or physical gift is as valuable as giving of love in a demonstration of caring.

Pushing someone to do what you think is good for them is not giving the kind of caring I am discussing. Acts of giving do not cause the recipient any discomfort. In this kind of giving there is also a demand.

All a human needs is to know they are valued. This is the crux of friendship. When you give advice about the change you want delivered, a different attitude has gone to the one being advised than the love that they desire from you. Negative attitudes about an action or an interest of theirs deflates them, negating their desire  to be in your company. Nothing that deflates is love.

In the next days, giving freely to others may be necessary. Can you do this? Can you give them your attention as a good listener? Are you able to be more than a friendly face? Are you meaning all that you deliver in the name of love? No? In the next days there will be a need to be giving to others as a necessity. Can you do it without any hesitation? Make this a goal today. Give your attention, on any matter, to those who need this. Give the caring you would like to get in a different circumstance. Practice being a good friend.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Hi Everyone...

    Just a comments which I would like to add. I have to say that as much it is important to have friends surrounding us. Given how things are right now, I wonder if those who are reading this would feel that it's isn't easy to find friends or people who share the same beliefs, attitudes in life, etc. I noticed around me that people can be next door neighbours but they don't necessary know who or what's going on next door.

    I sometimes wonder how does one locate people or communities which share common beliefs and thoughts about life, ascension, etc. Can St. Germain provide some methods, comments or ways on how to do so?

    Thank you very much.