Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Gift of Presence

Chelas are being asked to deliver their delight for living to humanity. Are you able to do this? Acting like you are a gift to all is the life you are meant to live. Can this be the detail no one bothered to tell you? Are you giving a gift with your presence?

Today's message is for those who are mentally thinking one negative thought after another and pretending they are happy - big smiles, cheerful demeanor, and all outward depictions of happiness. But deep down, this covers up a great deception. It is not deceiving the mass consciousness, only those who are not adequately able to know the difference between a dense negative charge and a bright positive charge. Negative thinking carries a dark charge. You can talk about light and give positive mental attention to others, but negative attitudes are dense, and they carry more weight in mass consciousness than a non-aware choice does.

Carrying on a contrast between dark negative attitudes and a caring presentation doesn't get anyone out of darkness. I am telling you now that a false conveyance of personal development does nothing for your choice to ascend. The light is not there.

Please notice one thing: are you really happy? Are you the happiness the heart craves? Are the thoughts you think completely aligned with the things you do and say? While making a difference to others, can you completely deliver all your light to them? All of the chelas who chose to ascend need to get their mental attitude in complete alignment with this choice. Being happy is your natural condition. Being natural will get you to the condition of light that is necessary for ascension.

When the "days of darkness" become the condition you are dealing with, will you carry on as a beam of light? Are you doing all that you can to become grounded in the light of your heart?

No wonder the dream has lasted so long. Teachings about how to be a beam of light have not been delivered to those who are negative. If this message was delivered to a child, instead of guilt and the concept of original sin, gifts of light could be abundant. Only dense attitudes are negating the light now. Can they be altered?

Positive attitudes about the future are not adequate for creating a great future. Attitudes are important, but it is the daily attitude about one's life that needs attention. Being content demonstrates a different vibratory frequency than mentally denying your less conscious thoughts. Giving, and not being happy about the gift, is not the same as giving delight to the one on the receiving end. Best effort is not good enough. Dense attitudes towards ANYTHING make the one thinking about these attitudes dense. Clear up this thinking, and light is what will remain as a gift to the entire human race.

Can dense thinking be deleted? Absolutely! Can dense attitudes become  contractions that are caught in the body? Yes. Are all of them needing to be dissolved? Yes, as a prerequisite to ascension. How do you dissolve them? With love. Give love to the negative thoughts. Give love to the negative attitudes. Masked density is always dense, can you get rid of the mask? Are you able to admit, out loud, that a charge against another object of your attention adds nothing to your condition of deliverance to God?

Are you able to light up a room? Can the light you deliver be gratefully acknowledged? Or, are your dense attitudes making that light dim? Posturing yourself as  "lightworker" is misleading when dense attitudes remain in your auric field.

Together we can make a huge difference in mass consciousness, but only when you are able to get out the dross. Chelas are not Ascended Masters until there is no negative energy coming from their thinking to dim their light. Fear is the #1 density factor. The next is greed. And no matter how many "love and light" messages you deliver, control over anything contracts others and anger adds to their contraction. Are you delivering the cause of contraction in others? If so,  attitudes from outside your own nature's awareness are at play. Become aware of all the reactions to your contributions, in every situation. Are the observers open and delighted with what you have offered them? Are they glad you are there?

In the next days we will need all the good attitudes you can muster. Clear out dense attitudes. Bring integrity to your appearance. Be the light you actually are in the absence of dense attitudes. Be as light as you can be.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. I thank you aruna for your time dedicated to channeling. I purchased your course in channeling and I'm currently working on week one assignments. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND WORTH EVERY PENNY! I thank you St Germain for your dedication to our ascension and mastery. My comment: I am going thru trials in which my children were taken from my home and given to their father for at least the duration of our divorce and he is fighting for full custody. I am struggling against constant negative attitudes about this, (they are to me what I need to be to the world: source of eternal light and joy) and despite logically KNOWING that it is only a worldly crisis, and that it does not NEED to affect my happiness, I still struggle against depression. I know internally that this will lead to my transformation into what is needed for mastery, but emotionally I havent been coping well. Any words toward this would be appreciated. *Amanda

  2. hi aruna:
    your posts are so serendipitous lately with so many things that i have been thinking, or coming across in my life, such as recent post by a friend on Humanity Healing about masks (that dovetails with today's post of yours), that i just think wow. thank you for sharing. i appreciate it. i have had contact with my higher self and it is more clear each and everyday... thank you for your support. love and regards,

  3. Amanda,
    I am sorry to hear what you are going through. I have been there, and I know very well what you are talking about. My nightmare took many years, dark like hell... The situation started to change only when I started to take care of myself (and I loved and love my children as all mothers do). I accept it, taking actions through taking care of myself at that time was unconsciously, because I had never heard a word about Ascended Masters, Angels that could talk like you and I, and spirit in general.

    Masters and Angels teach us that everything happens for a good reason, for the highest best of all involved. In my case, it proved to be right. Love you.

  4. Thank you .. for the Messages
    I find the simplest reminder to anchor thought on Light is the childhood hymn "Jesus bids me shine with a clear, pure light - Like a little candle burning in the night - In this world of darkness so we must shine - You in your small corner, and I in mine" ....
    I hope others find the words appropriate.