Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nuclear Reactors Must Go

Many lessons about human decision making are about to be learned. When the decision was made to generate nuclear devices for electricity, many assumptions were made, and decisions to build many devices throughout humanity's living areas were made without discussing these decisions with the more aware consciousness within man's heart. Now, many changes like the recent earthquake in Japan are to let the men who made these decisions know how wrong they were to conclude nothing could destroy these magnificent collectors and their housing. No war or change by man's hand can destroy these war proof tactical machines, but man neglected to check on nature's continued evolution to get more accurate information.

Two nuclear reactors are now about to close at nature's hand. How to close them completely will need to be decided next. Are the countries that have them aware that all of them need to close? Can they deduce from this current climate of fear what can occur once more changes are demanded of man by nature?

After this calamity, the good news will be less radiation contamination than either Chernobyl or Three Mile Island. Can this be a message to look at other possible nuclear attempts to lead man to death's door? Many contacts about this subject were made when cancellation of these structures could have occurred. Now, closing them all down will be demanded by one or more of the more conscious countries, and this will be considered completely unacceptable by those that just created theirs. China cannot detonate a bomb in the ordinary way, but this country can now conclude  that there is more than one way to make a bomb. Close them down dear ones, or all of you will be nuked with man's own creations. Man created weapons of mass destruction as nuclear reactors. Masking them as energy devices has been a common agreement. No dream of destruction can be as gruesome as the dream of contact with the contents of these nuclear answers to genocide.

More details about the earthquake delivered cooling device failure can convince other countries of all the details needing attention. Our choice would be complete demolition of all these cancer causing amplifiers of contamination to humans, animals, etc.

Change comes when Mother nature decides, not man. Nothing you can do to effect these alterations to the Earth's surface can do anything worth mentioning. Are you willing to change your future by getting less energy than currently being activated? Are you willing to go back to less dangerous devices to generate man's actual needs? Make this a goal and go to the politicians with good alternatives. Give them change ideas that deliver human goals of health and happiness over generating goals that need nuclear devices. Man cannot have all the electricity he wants and maintain good dis-ease free bodies.

No major disaster in the current day can do the damage I am describing, but new disasters can be much more destructive. Containing them is not going to happen. When will the major controllers give up their dream to completely eliminate money? Never. When will man's mind give up its driven attitude for getting more and more devices? Are the lights going on? Can you help?

My dear ones. We are about to go into a more difficult time than most of you can imagine. Are you ready? Are you able to let go of the mind's deduction approach to life and go into the most delightful high man cannot even describe? Ascension cancels many of the changes that can occur. Not because of these beings leaving, but due to the degree of light they can contribute from this dimension to third dimension. Full spectrum lighting can be available to those left to attack these dilemmas with courage.

After the carnage has been cleared in this newest disaster, consider an appeal to those who can make a difference to destroy all nuclear devices. Nuclear energy cannot be contained and needs to be diffused, as more disasters can do mass dimming of the human light in a very short amount of your time.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Dear Ascended Master St. Germain,

    I'm curious to know if this earthquake event happening has anything to do with the moon about to at the closest point to Earth (also known as perigee moon) on the 20th March 2011 Equinox. Would there be a further increase of cosmic energy showering Earth, raising the energy vibrations and quickening the effects of time as we know it? Would this also mean a further increase and quicken the pace of earthly seismic activities (e.g. weather change, earthquakes, etc.) and the many other changes (e.g. social, economic, cultural, etc.) that Mother Nature and Divinity have in store for us? How much does the movements of the stars and galaxies affect events and our lives on Earth?

    Thank you very much...