Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mass Ascension for a More Conscious Planet

Consider this: When my channeling began through this channel many God aware beings began to say that my words were those of another. This is because my teachings are different here than other channels distribute. Can my teachings be any more clear? Are they guiding light to the human consciousness? Can this dream of ascension be deceiving those who desire it? Ascension will occur. Mass ascension will occur. Numbers can increase as the disasters continue. Not that disasters create ascension, no, disasters do more to open hearts than any other cause.

First, allow me to deliver an explanation of ascension, as new readers may not clearly get the full meaning of this word. To ascend is to graduate from human destiny - no other incarnations needed. There are no more things to learn about the duality in creation vs. non-duality beyond. At the moment the ascension occurs, the one ascending has mentally and physically become solely a contributor of light to mass consciousness, and is no longer a controller or consumer of it.

Contributing caring and delight to mass consciousness does not need a body. Many of the Ascended Masters had male or female bodies before ascending. Our contribution continues as Ascended ones because our dream of a human death had no basis in actual consequence. No death actually occurs. The dream of death is that a body collapses from the disappearance of life force. But the life force continues to exist. How? As a beam of light, no matter how conscious the human was in the body. Once out of the body, the conscious being goes to another circumstance, to continue living in the next country or life experience.

No one "dies" and completely dissolves into the divine Oneness, unless they can awaken to Oneness before that body goes out of service. Once this occurs they are no longer at the Master level, they have dissolved on that level too. They are now a light beam for the answer of love to finally be capable of overcoming the dark that has been causing difficulties since the original creation was conceived.

In another couple of years there will be no controllers. How can this be? More light will become available to those who are now controlling, activating the higher awareness in those who are now the complete opposite of love and caring. New attitudes will take the place of current ones. Change to their thinking will be chosen by them, not imposed on them. All of their old controlling actions will be cancelled. One way to understand how this can happen is to feel how the body feels when embraced by a lover. Imagine this embrace coming to all of the controllers at the very same moment. Ecstacy will dissolve their controlling desires. Complete allowing of all that is can commence at that moment.

No, this is not the ascension, but it can be the consequence of a mass ascension. All the newly ascended ones will contribute their awareness to the consciousness that loves these beings who are now getting an opposite response to their choices. Fields of love are to replace condemnation. Glow and grace will deplete their darkness. Then the children of God will be the divine healing creatures who love one another as they realize the "other" is also them.

An ascension adds more light to the cause of this mass transformation. No cause means no change. More change agents are needed. Can they do this as men? No. Complete ascension contributes more light to the divine consciousness than any man can contain. An expansion of light donates this level of love to all who currently deliver dark attitudes to the mass consciousness.

Are they to also ascend? No, not before they deliver their complete awakened condition to this end. An awakened being has dissolved more than negative attitudes. An awakening dissolves all non-aware consciousness. Fast and complete, this change to the controllers will have them gasping for clarity, and their next step is to find that clarity.

My dear ones. Can you now understand my desire to activate the most huge ascension possible? We need all who can ascend to do so. Otherwise we must continue trying to gather them until they can detach and move on to their chosen destiny.

Close the book on controllers, including the ones you call great or good. Control is not the way of light. No control must be the answer. Controllers are not light, no matter how much they act as though they are. No delivery of light attempts to control anything that God creates.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Saint Germain, psychic attacks seems that don't select. They get whoever is in their way, sometimes taking a toll on them. Could you please explain for us where they come from, who and what is their target, what is their effect on the ascension candidate, and more. How to protect ourselves. Much appreciated.

  2. Excellent response Brother of the Violet Ray. You have clearly described what many of us who have studied Ageless Wisdom and Master teachings for many decades as the so called Synthesis between the dark and the White Lodge which has been prophecy for 100 years or more. l think they are all gasping for clarity already as we all are on the baffling state of this exhausting world in transition. The Light is both dissolving and breaking down the old era, its systems, egos and thinking. At the same time creating a literal Resurrection of new energies. Incredibly Scientists have discovered more than 1000 new species living in a remote region of the Mekong forest that were never there just 10 years ago, a resurrection indeed. Your explanation of the Light transforming all beings and controllers here is indeed an illuminating response. The Light seems to be working in all fields now of human endeavor. The American public may soon learn which banks were bailed out with $3.5 trillion of emergency loans from the Federal Reserve during the 2008 financial crisis. Another example of the Light in action. As an cautious activist, environmentalist and Light agent,
    l might say its going to take a lot of Light indeed. The old elite egos and systems are dug into absolute unresponsive, unconcerned indifference to humanity and the sacred earth. In the sign of the Heart, the Head and the Hand l would like to thank you on behalf of all readers here for your forthrightness and frankness.

  3. Beloved Saint Germain,
    No words could describe the gratitude that "I" feel for your wise words that are allowing me to "remember" who I am and why I choose to incarnate in this Era of great shift. Thanks for your clarification about Ascension. It all make sense to "me". When the veil of ignorance begins to be removed, a deep feeling of freedom raises. And yes, many times of confusion will arise in the world, but with your Eternal Light and Guidance, we will see the beginning of a New World. Your channeling course, is excellent, and has not only helped me to learn channeling but also to feel your divine presence and Christ consciousness with and within me. I feel blessed!!
    Thank you Beloved Saint Germain. Much Love and Light for Humankind, Mother Earth and ALL Living Beings.

  4. These topics that you share with us as well as the ones you must keep veiled have been up front in my consciousness since the
    "beginning", as opposed to the majority on the physical plane, who are unaware of where they came from. And so, it can be difficult at times sharing my thoughts with even open-minded people.
    It is reassuring to see it "written" and given to those who are receptive to your guidance, and can then share it with others, and so on and so on.
    I know there will be even darker times to come, but the light IS amazing! The awakened light that already exists in the hearts of people will be amazing!
    Blessings and Thank You.