Thursday, March 31, 2011

Amplifying the Light

When my colleagues call on me to consult we gather together to get more collective. When we gather, the light of the group becomes the light we convey. One at a time is not the same as gathering together and glowing as one group consciousness. When our chelas gather on the Earth, they are also amplifying their light.

Many chelas are alone, without others who act from their divine awareness. Can this be remedied? Of course. New methods of gathering together have created virtual communities. Use these tools to contact others who can deliver the light also. Gather to meditate and discuss. Gather to hear and be heard. Bring more light to yourelf and to the entire planet at these gatherings. Coming together on the internet is almost the same as meeting in the flesh. Our meetings are like meditating together to get God's input. No differences are cause for disharmony. Only awareness of divine calling is needed.

Practices to be quiet are like our meetings. Opting to attend begins with a quiet mind. Changing your meditation time alters the continuity needed to awaken the light as Masters do. The same time every day is an answer to collective light. It matters not the location of a man or woman, only the time consistency. Not capable of the control this demands? Challenge yourself to do it.

Presence is healing when a meditator consistently does this practice. Controlling the mind's desire to leave meditation alone, or another control mechanism cancelling it, means there is no consistency and there will be no communion with others during this gathering.

Meetings in meditation are confidence activators. Asking for help during this time is the best way to draw help to you. Messages are not the most important thing meditation can deliver. Pure quiet delivers much more than one glimpse into the abyss of One consciousness.

Facing the darkness in meditation makes the dark move out of your mind. Controlling is not nearly as possible when meditating is done more than once daily. More meditation makes more confidence to negate control.

Chelas, when the light is adequate to gather the less aware to it, the darkness can no longer demonstrate control over those who meditate daily. Moving away from conscious awareness becomes common when meditation is not done often. Unless Awakened, absolutely empty of content moving through the mind, consider that meditation daily is more important than any common daily activity. Making a group gathering to light the way for others has many contributions attached.

Change only this, and make a big difference to the entire consciousness of mankind. Face the music of your own mind by diluting its control. No death needed for dancing in the light.

My content today is the last message of this month. The next message will appear in one weeks time. My channel will not be available until then.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. During the next seven days I will be meditating twice a day, at 7 am PST and 7 pm PST. I ask all those who would challenge themselves, to meet me in meditation. ~Amanda

  2. Is giving us a big joy by seeig all Ascended Masters for the sake of Humanity.Sheding Light in our hearts and our minds' dissolving the clouts of ignorance'and the veils of dakness'helping people's awakening of conciousness.That all of us are made in our essense and image-likeness-like our Father'as the Beloved Master Serapis Bey 'said also tody.
    we know the reasons kept humanity in the realms of darkness for so long.But everything is going to be as own to be and as planned by OUR FATHER millions of years ago
    It is a great honour for humanity these moments'you gathered ALL together' as is been also during dark times in the past'beeig the teachers and the masters of the eternal Light
    and Love of our Lord'for all Mankind.most greatfull to all of You' for your sssistanse and guidanse for the peoples conciousness awakening.Thenks to all Ascended Masters and Lady Masters.