Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Awaken From the Dream

Chelas of the Great White Brotherhood, we are going to tell you the next answer to your contamination concerns: When the movement of awareness occurs in an Awakening, a body gains in health. No more will the loss of defense attributes  occur, as there will be no dependence on the world for inner strength. Self-care is about becoming detached.

Awareness can operate without negative emotions effecting a human body. As more days are spend in complete calm, the light that has been activated will eliminate density by clearing the meridians of dross. Twenty days of calm can completely re-energize a body. Are you willing to focus on being detached and calm? Are these required? Only if the body's condition needs aid.

My answer to health is calm. My answer to strengthening your inner defense system is calm. My answer to being helpful to others is, be calm. All these answers are the same, as this is the truth for each question.

Mandates for change come from an unhappy condition. If all was great, why alter anything? Calls for money are always coming to us by needy chelas. Are they creating money as they ask? Absolutely not. Can they create money? Yes, with happy thoughts, courageous decisions, and giving out thoughts of abundance instead of "not enough". My dream is that all can accept what comes as adequate, and be grateful it is in their lives. Most things are already a given, to be lived by those who contracted that life condition. Acceptance of the dance made in the contract is your life's goal.

Practices are to get the mind to be less demanding. Most of you are living with a manager and commentator that operates non-stop during your days. Is this freedom? No. It is being dominated by the false, negative dreamer that was developed by your active imagination. And, that dreamer can be Awakened!

Wake-up to the answer that has always been around. Never asleep, the Master of conscious awareness lies just inside the door we are asking you to open - the door that contains your heart led destiny. It is where you always neglect to look, and its as close as your own choice making. Your decision creator, and giver of miracles, resides in the heart of the body of God - the God of your own awareness. Confidence in this non-demanding, needing to be asked consultant needs growth. Acting on its guidance can grow its demonstration of accuracy.

Pacing this growth is the mental dominator. Closing this dominance is not one of the things most humans ever attempt, only those who came to be the container of light they decided on before conception. Confidence in the demonstrations of your heart led decisions will eliminate the mental deceiver in a non-demanding way. Your own consciousness is the aliveness and the choice maker, and the controller does not actually exist. Your controller is only energy that was derived from your own denied attitudes.

Practices like meditation that calm down mental chatter do more for human growth than all mental gathering of data combined. No data can answer all the questions of a day's needs. All these questions are also mental content. No mental content fuels a growth in consciousness.

Make a decision to never get upset, and allow the day's events to be observed by the mind, experienced as a deliverer of God's love to whatever is being observed. No decision about the event is needed. Give it no data and no opinion. Give it only attention. Channeling is like this way of being. All the data comes through a a detached observer. Being detached does not eliminate feelings. They will remain abundant until they too are considered an expression of the dreamer and observed with no concern at all.

When mind determines a cause and a more desirable effect, this decision covers up an open, aware being of light that can create more than your dense attitudes. Truth and eternal awareness do not need any cause. And, they are not the effect of any choice the mind makes. All the dreamer needs to do is Awaken to the consciousness of "no concern", and delight in home and country can both occur, no matter what circumstances they deliver.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Able to relate as masters are guiding me to this phase currently........delivering from the heart