Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Next Day Alternatives

What I am about to say will be a contradiction to all the dogma that has been given about humans living in a different galaxy.  No other galaxy is going to accept man and his growth lessons in human form. No other planet will be an attractive alternative to humans who are not ascending. Yes, I previously said this would be the case, but no other planet will agree to this possibility. So now the only alternative to ascension will be death and rebirth in another (different) form for those needing to continue the death and birth cycle. Only another incarnation in this new form on another galaxy will advance consciousness for those not completing an onward detail on Gaia.

Please do not get negative because all other messages talk about another planet accepting man as he is now. My colleagues are not coordinated in their messages about this yet, as my words come to you at the moment my guidance on this matter is revealed. They will now be informed of this change as you are.

Getting agreement to inhabit other planets is about the same as pleasing the leaders of other continents. Mankind is not getting a very warm welcome due to the negative attitudes that will be left (without any love diffusers around) after the two waves of ascension are complete. Chaos may ensue. Given this lack of balance in the mass consciousness of those being considered, all other planets man could exist on are refusing to accept him. Which leaves the Galactic Federation with no landing matrix once they call forth their mandated contacts and their families. No landing areas negates this entire plan. Are we able to control this decision? No. So we are left with no alternative but to inform all who believed in the affirmative (about an airlift to another galaxy), that new contradictory messages are to now be given about this. Soon it will be considered common knowledge that all the other planets do not want negativity to come to them. Aptitude for ascension is now more critical than we originally thought.

Can the dark cabals maintain their demands during the next days? Yes, and its up to every one of you to counter them with love, no matter what occurs. Being in a caring, compassionate mode destroys their dark intentions.

After the first wave of ascension comes the dark days, when night goes on and on with no daylight for a few weeks. It will be very disturbing to those unaware that this is going to happen. Be the aware one in your neighborhood and encourage business as usual. No daylight is due to a contraction of Mother Earth, and an asteroid is moving into the atmosphere of man's domain. Asteroids cannot be controlled, and this one could make an impact on man's continents. Be aware that many of you can disappear before this occurs and you do not need to go through this drama.

My words may sound cold, because the death cycle means that many are doomed. But my consciousness considers this a great opportunity to clear the Earth without the other disasters needing to occur to do it. Asteroids don't cause death in managed ways, only instant death without any lingering, guilt or negative choices needed. Asteroids come to the rescue of those needing an easy way to get out of this human drama quickly. Those ascending are not going to go through human death so they will need no assistance from an asteroid.

Inviting comets or asteroids to complete the disappearance of man's continents is not the agenda of the dark cabal. They desire ongoing life to have something to manage, but only with a minor quantity of nameless agents to be their consummate answer to human degradation. Asteroid contact will decrease many of our remaining unascended souls - do you want to be one of them? Are the days to come attractive? Are they as dramatic as ascension? Absolutely, so why not energize those who need to ascend before this occurs?

Be the agents for change you are now being guided to be. You are the light for the next change.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. My Beloved Saint Germain and Aruna, thanks for your divine guidance which is much needed today. I had a question after eading your last message: Those ascending are going to leave their physical bodies or will ascend in consciousness and still living with their physical body in Mother Earth? Thanks for all your precious help to mankind. My deepest gratitude for your love, guidance and infinite help. Thanks Aruna!!!!

  2. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Interesting indeed... Looking at this new update, I would like to comment that this piece of information is totally NEW and in some ways, goes against what other Ascended Masters and Guides of the Light have been saying for the past few years. I just wonder if St. Germain have already discussed this with other Ascended Masters and Guides before coming to this conclusion and decision, as having for an asteroid coming in and wiping out humankind is not something to be taken lightly.

    At the same time, I also find it a bit hard to believe that an asteroid cannot be manipulated to avoid hitting Earth, unless if the dark cabal is trying their very best to interfere with the process.

    By the way, on that same note, may I know what is to become of this planet/asteroid Nibiru which is carrying Annunaki aliens (as mentioned by Georgi Stankov in his latest published e-book), is this the asteroid which St. Germain is referring to?

  3. Dear St.Germain, Could you tell me more about astroids which bring no sunlights of a few weeks of to earth.You said in your latest message that Nibiru does not exist in our universe. Thank you very much!