Saturday, July 23, 2011

Enlightenment Does Not Equal Perfect Health

When the heart has opened the health of the body may deteriorate. I am making this statement to negate all the dogma about health being a natural manifestation of the mind's consciousness. All bodies are capable of being ill, no matter how enlightened. No cause and effect law applies to mind's ability to make a body completely healthy. Opening the heart has consequences – this brings new causes to be at choice about:  more caring about others;  more caring about nature and nature's ability to contain its destruction;  more awareness about man's inability to be caring. All of these attributes are now taken into the body's organs and nervous system to be dealt with. More caring means a clear door to more awareness through the body's ability to accept these new attributes, and assimilate all that is changing.

Changes in consciousness make many alterations to the container of that consciousness. When a major adjustment needs assimilating, a natural consequence comes to the body's organization to be dealt with. Illness often comes as a materialization of this alteration making its way into new chambers of the container.

Noses and aerial borne chemicals are also deteriorating man's container. This applies to all men, not only the less conscious. And negative thoughts of those around the more enlightened are now able to take advantage of the more natural, less closed dynamic of the open heart. All of the thoughts being activated near an open hearted one are absorbed and become an answer to human caring. Not caring for one's own aura is the cause of many changes in body chemistry because of this constant absorption of human attitudes.

Can a mind cause its container to be healed? Not unless it makes certain daily aura cleansing a routine. Auras are containing the waste of those discharging negativity, thus making energy pollution that can be absorbed by men and women who are open.

Processing these energies, and most of the other degrading elements being contributed to man's anatomy makes health a most constant cause of man's attention. Not attending to these aura clearing activities cancels the body's ability to completely be as active or be able to be challenged in other areas. New and different challenges are coming, and no masking of their damage to man's container can occur. Once the actual accrued effects of carbon creation becomes  a major answer to cancer, a new attitude about the use of fuel to fill all of man's desires can take effect; and defeat cancer. Until then, man will continue to destroy the health of all of nature's beings by his needs and wants that are not actual.

Making a difference in human health takes more than caring about the disease itself. It needs cause deletion, and negating the "needs and wants" of man's mind. Pure consciousness cannot combat these influences. No case against cancer can be demonized or changed unless these neutralizing factors are considered. Chemotherapy does not cure any cancer. Natural healing does. Natural healing includes  mitigating mind's contribution, and changing the diet and causes from chemicals, dense mental chatter, and electromagnetic fields. All destroy the body's cancer fighting ability.

Containers of the enlightened are also at effect of these influences, not immune to them. Bodys are not enlightened, nor are mental egos. An enlightened soul makes no contribution to the dis-ease, but likewise cannot cure it only by being enlightened.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Since we are on this topic of health and natural healing. Much has been said about the miracles on healthy living and natural diet, but I wonder if St. Germain would be kind enough to provide us with a recipe or formulation which could boost our immune system, heal cancer and other autoimmune diseases? Something which is similar to Dr. Alivizatos' natural treatment concoction.

    At the same time, perhaps St. Germain could touch on several ways to mitigate or minimize the harmful effects of pollution and electromagnetic fields.

    I believe that this is vital in the coming days ahead as it would help many people when they have no access to medical help and treatment.

    Thank you very much.