Monday, July 18, 2011

Be a Gift to Those Who Need Light

When the days are hot and mentally draining there is no need to be guided to do anything. It is not necessary to always be given material about another goal to follow. One day to do nothing is more caring to the man or woman than doing a number of tasks that are called for by the Masters. My chelas do not need many more answers. All has been written that any candidate for ascension needs to know.

Are the days getting more life draining or are they getting more enjoyable? All the days that continue the mood of drain are an opportunity to anchor light. Be quiet and let the light that the Masters are able to deliver be a contribution that you make to the planet. All areas need this. None is completely light or completely doused by those who can channel. Channeling an ample amount of light can do a lot of giving to those able to accept it. When our conduits are open, there is an amazing amount of grace available to clear out dark attitudes and open more to accepting their own awareness as "the way".  Masters do this without "doing" anything. All they do is clear their mind and continue to accept the light that is coming to them.

Marijuana is not a deterrent to ascension. Neither is any natural substance that is not made into chemical compounds like heroin or cocaine. Nature created marijuana as a material to be consoled with when in great distress. Marijuana was not delivered as a drug or a mental attitude adjuster, only a light dampener of distress. Anyone using natural cannabis is not giving out an anti-consciousness, dense, contracted manifestation. No other caution need be given other than to get clear of all of its effects before driving or attempting to communicate from an organized mind. Mind altering conditions are not negative – drugs that cause health disturbances are.

Can the drug of choice be happiness? My preference is to have laughter and games meet the need of doing something to get "high". "High" is a condition of mind. No drug, or altered state is needed when a natural condition of happiness is the one and only way to live. Awakening the divine nature that lights the world delivers this needed attitude as well.

Protecting one's children from the negative attitudes of their own mind needs attention. Children can be damaged by a negative contact during their early years. In these coming days, the needs of children will be an important consideration. Please help them delete any negativity they are carrying in their mind. No, I don't mean calling attention to the dismantling of their light – only do an attitude adjustment by delivering a different way for them to perceive the object of their distress. Give them the understanding that the cause of their distress is an opportunity to learn. Are children able to grasp this? Of course. It only needs to be brought to their attention. Give the children a chance to clear attitudes that don't give them an answer that leads them to their own light.

Are you able to do this for them? Good, also do it when negative attitudes arise in your mind. Practice changing negatives into positives as they arise. Cancel negative attitudes with a very simple alteration of their nature. My way is: "All of my negative attitudes are a lie I've taken out of context." In this dialog: the negative thought is the lie, and the context is the Divine's gift to man's growth. Humble acceptance of one's own misunderstanding works well.

Have a good time making the negative domain a clear way of transformation for all concerned. Be the guide to an apex of light in anyone you can contribute a dose of attitude adjustment. When the heart can dissolve mind's negativity, another drop of God's nectar is contained in the darkness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Note from Aruna: One effective way I have found to clear contractions is the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson, called "Emotion Code" and "Body Code". Google his website for more info.


  1. Master St. Germain and Aruna,
    Thank you so much! I needed this, and, as always, at the right time.
    Blessings to you.

  2. another drop of God's nectar is contained in the darkness.