Friday, July 29, 2011

Time for an Inner Assessment

Are your hearts and minds open, and are you able to accept the next change? Can the drama be extreme and a calm mind still prevail? Are the minds of the candidates able to make them ignore their calling? Are my questions making you uncomfortable? Good! If this is a concern you have, can you give it up?

Now is the moment to look deeply inside, to determine and learn what the ego is doing to assist or deny the candidate's ability to ascend. Call this an inner assessment. For us, the aura reveals all, but those needing this news must do their own calibration – without forming any negative attitudes about the result. Part of being able to ascend is detachment. I'd like to discuss this now.

Are most of you caring for others? Of course you are, this is what an open hearted man or woman does. Are the recipients able to care for themselves? No, or they would. Can you see how your mind can use this dynamic to cancel an ascension? I will now tell you what I mean by detachment: All the caring that is being done is an expression of God being delivered through a human. And when that human is not around, another expression of God will take over. God is not going to desert any needs of those who are  disabled, or children, or who have any other attribute that requires assistance. Our realm is ready to guide another body to the charge that needs these details handled. Are you able to accept that those needing care will get it because they are all God's children?

And does the need continue? Maybe not. Could those who have been disabled also ascend? Of course. No one decides their fate on a conscious level. Things are not as they seem. If you ascend, your dependents could also. And those not ready, they have their own caring to do – to care enough to give their blessing to anyone who has been caring for them. Giving their blessing includes detaching their body's needs from their new consciousness: "I am not this body".

In the awareness of an angel, active detachment occurs the moment gratitude or giving love happens. A gratitude moment frees the caretaker and the one needing care. Both can ascend. Prayer is also an avenue to ascension. Praying to aid another can be the condition that brings one to ascension. Getting out of the mental drama about "me and my life or death" allows the body to be crowned with light. Add a dose of mastery to this, such as a new awareness that detaches because of complete confidence in divine grace – healing and awakening can occur in that instant.

Don't give up on ascension. No dreams of this are an accident. Dream of ascension and think: "my next adventure". The call will come at the moment an army of brave, aware beings are able to agree to consciously go to their next adventure. In death conditions there is usually no agreement. Clarity about how the material world is an illusion can be the only catalyst needed to make a decision for this new adventure. Will this be the decision that all will make? No, due to ego's non-aware attitudes. No death is going to be experienced, though it may  appear that way to those who are not ascending.

Face the questions mentioned today, and claim the attitude of being a divine being who is being called to deliver divine love to all. This is the ultimate destiny of all souls, but it has never before been acknowledged due to the limited understanding and control of ego. When hearts are completely open, ego control disappears. When this occurs, there will be no denial that the time to ascend is NOW.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. ~ The Fall of Freedoms Flame ~ Brother of Shamballa and the Violet Freedom Flame.

    In the last few weeks the Federal Reserve of the United States announced publicly that they are not a government banking division of the
    US government but rather a private banking consortium, unknown to most Americans but known by many of us. They also announced that they and the Banksters own the BIS the Bank for International Settlements. And that given that they are a private corporation of shareholders they do not need to comply with the request for a Full Audit of their activities, (the Fed has never been Audited) and detailed information from the Freedom of Information Act. As well the Trillions of dollars they loaned to their bankster friends will now have to be paid off by the Congress and the citizens of America...basically confirming the global Banksters have been running and continue to run an international fraudulent Ponzi-Scheme that is seeking to destroy the Free Nation of America and every free nation in the world it can with their so called Austerity debt slavery and control systems while they run a ponzi scheme. Meanwhile there are 45 million people in poor America on food stamps and that program is run by a brokerage firm, there may be 6-7 million homeless, 47 states bankrupt, 2.5 million homes foreclosed and millions thrown on the street, precious children of God. This would never happen with Roosevelt or Jefferson, never.

    I quote: Thomas Jefferson in 1776:

    "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government."

    l am sorry brother l am not feeling much love for the people whose aim it is to destroy and enslave humanity and the earth...

  2. Heading into Unity Consciousness........

    I have found that letting go of all labels for people was helpful for me in moving from duality consciousness into unity consciousness. It all started with a conscious free-will choice to do so, and the commitment to live from my integrity.

    From there, I thought of it this way: When a child turns 2 years old, where did their 1 year old go? When they turn 3, where did their 2 year old go? When they turn 8, where did their 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 year-olds go?? The truth is, they didn't go anywhere! We are each STILL who we were at all of those ages!

    I began to see that no matter what it APPEARS that any of us have become as we age, we are still (and truly, ONLY) those precious children, who had to loose touch with parts of ourselves along the way as we grew up, to survive our experience. I believe that we ALWAYS have done the best we knew how to in the moment, given our levels of fear, PTSD (because we all have this to some degree, in my opinion!) and experience, and that at our core, we are always those precious children, all wrapped up in the brainwashing, pain and fear of life in duality.

    Therefore, I came to realize that if I see all people (no matter their age) as little children, cute and precious and innocent of all malice, I cannot truly feel separate from them in my heart, because I can instantly feel my oneness and connection to them from that vantage point! And what's more, I realized that I cannot get away with calling them evil, or feel hatred toward them, or believe they are in any way unworthy of all the love and goodness that I feel I am deserving of!!

    We are each evolving in our consciousness. Anything that we do that adds to a polarized situation adds to the status quo of what we are all so tired of (duality!!). It's about using our free-will to choose differently! Seeing each other, and everyone, as the sweet, innocent and precious children that we really still and always are, helps tremendously in transforming how we previously have unconsciously let ourselves get away with me/they thinking, and judging and mistreating each other. Seeing our preciousness and our Oneness from that place of innocent Oneness is a great place to start, in my experience.

    We MUST hold ourselves accountable for our own AWAKENING, and for using our free will to CHOOSE ONENESS, AND TO SEE EVERY ONE'S INNOCENCE INSTEAD OF OTHERS' GUILT!! Otherwise, we just become part of the guilty ones, for we are guilty of judging others and closing off our hearts toward them (mis-treating them). We must stop ALLOWING ourselves to point our fingers at ANYONE, and rather REQUIRE ourselves to extend our HEARTS toward EVERYONE!

    Our Hearts are MADE to do this!!

    Love to ALL!!!