Sunday, July 31, 2011

More on Unconditional Acceptance

Many of you are unable to accept my teaching about loving those that are the most difficult to love. As a consequence, I have made the decision to continue this conversation. Not to condemn this way of thinking, but to help those chelas who can ascend to do so.

Polarity is the nature of duality. Good-bad, wrong-right, dark-light, etc. are all opinions from the human condition. Seeing the world in this way has its energy creating component, and this keeps man's opinions at this level of awareness. When a more expansive point of view is achieved, the same situation can be perceived in a different way. No longer is the one creating the difficulties considered to be the opposing counterpart to the one observing. Challenges are now seen as part of the human dance for growth in awareness. Those who deliver them are now viewed as givers of more than the difficulty – they are considered bringers of the next opportunity.

It may still appear that something dark has attacked you, but this is now considered an opportunity, not an outrageous act of corruption. Is there evil in the human experience? Yes – from one level of awareness there is. But the very same incident can be a gift of divine grace to those who are at a higher level of understanding.

I have often mentioned the controllers and the dark entities that are manipulating man's environment. I can see how the mention of these things would make it appear as though I considered their mode of existence to be evil. As I have never explained my own point of view, only mentioned them in the way that those in the lowest level of awareness could accept their existence, I must now tell you that the appearance of these actors in your drama comes with no criticism in my observation. Calling them controllers is merely my way of delineating the role they are cast in.

Yes, the controllers are destroying all things considered important to man. Why? So man can become more caring, more aware and more God-like in his energetic design. Opposing or controlling the controllers has never been an option, nor an outcome of raising man's consciousness. Only this type of control of human destiny can deliver the mature soul to ascension, because a mature soul can come to  accept that God is the creator of everything, including the controllers.

After the negative attitudes AGAINST the dark are disolved, a new awareness develops, one that includes the ability to love the essence of all beings, irregardless of their behavior. Self love is accepting the dark in oneself. Unconditional love is giving love to all, no matter what.

Unconditional love is the light we talk about. Conditions on love dim that light. Are the conditions from   dark creations dimming your light? Are you angry about the controllers? Anger dims your light. Are you afraid of the future? Fear dims your light.

Giving acceptance to all of God's creations leads to ascension. Can you accept the fact that God is behind the actions of the controllers? God is the creator of every part of the human drama – and each body is an integral aspect of this creation. Those learning how to love unconditionally are receiving many opportunities to choose love over the other attitudes that these conditions can evoke.

Portions of human memory include devastation and manipulations in man's drama. Once again, this is occurring, because man needs this devastation to learn about his True Nature - unconditional love. All who consider themselves too good to accept the dark behaviors of others are denying the negativity in their own acts of divisiveness. All negative thoughts against any other person, place or thing are creating  negative energy.

Masters do not decide if the action of another is acceptable or unacceptable. They ask themselves: "What in me needs to be addressed?" If they are feeling negative about anything, they look inside themselves for the cause of that discomfort, they do not get angry at the one who has triggered these feelings. All uncomfortable feelings are an opportunity to discover the truth of a situation. Walking away, avoiding confrontation, acting above the situation, etc., all cause disharmony in one's energy field. Being clear about how one is feeling, and turning a discomfort into a healing, is the way of Mastery.

Please negate these negative attitudes against the controllers. Begin to observe how your own negative attitudes dim your light when you learn about their actions. Observe this, then drop the negativity. Your  new inner attitudes will be the gateway to ascension.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. If I ascend it will be a miracle. I still have daily dramas to contend with, where I find it impossible not to get caught up in the scenes and have negative emotions about this or that. Isn't it human to experience these things?

    I can see just how much I need to work on myself from following these dialogues and I am no where near a 'master' of life and love.

    If something is meant to happen in one's life, it seems it will happen regardless. I think I may be in control, but there is the fate/destiny/plan thing.

    If I started to tell my circle of influence that all the drama they are experiencing is just god delivering another lesson, they would consider me insane. Perhaps I am.

    What happens if we attempt to use our freewill to plan our future here now? Does the original pre-birth arrangement take precedent? Or is there some lee-way? Do we really have a choice? Could the whole life experience be completely fated? Or is it liquid, so much so that it changes with each day?

    If we had true free will, there would no need to plan a pre-birth agreement, just take breath and see how it goes. If we arranged everything beforehand with the other players in the drama, shouldn't everything progress along that path to each designated time to play out the roles?

    Try as we may to change things, can it really be changed? Are we completely locked in to the plan? If we weren't, anything can happen at anytime. We could have free will and choose our destiny, and make our own decisions in the moment. But are those 'free will' decisions placed there for us due to the life circumstances? All interesting questions.

    It takes the fun out of life to think we are fated to a rigid plan and then wondering what the next drama is, for me anyway. Nothing holds any spark like it did when younger. I could leave all this behind in a heartbeat.

    Is this what is meant by saying 'prepare to leave', be detached enough to leave it all behind without any concerns?