Sunday, July 10, 2011

Query Your Mind's Concepts

Chelas of the Ascended Masters must Awaken now. No other answer can be given as an alternative to what is coming in the next days. Awakening has not yet given man (collectively) an attitude adjustment yet. Not enough are able to BE as they came to materialization to BE. Advance one more unaware concept like "mastery conjures up money" (denying the truth of your actual nature one more time), and you will miss the opportunity to advance your consciousness as easily as it can be achieved NOW. When human concepts override the inner director, that denial maintains an answer that must be queried. Can the mind question its own concepts? Of course.

More than any other daily calling, asking for answers from within needs attention. Clearing out unaware decisions must be done with natural means of determining the accuracy of an answer. No accuracy comes with an agenda. One answer that can always be discerned as having heart or mind qualities is manifestation abilities: Mind always desires more than it considers itself to have. Heart always has enough. Mind needs more and cannot accept that it does not need it. An answer the heart delivers is: "no matter what happens, my life is fine."

More important than an answer to the mind's questions, is for the question to lead the body to experience an answer. An experiential answer gives the questioner more than just one lesson. Of course, the answer may come none too soon when difficulties arise.

When answers to the mind's questions are accurate, the heart does more than celebrate: it dances. When you are not aware that your mind has all the desires, negatives attitudes and control of the choices you make, it comes as a big surprise to discover there are new attitudes that exist in your heart. At this discovery, new opportunities can be delivered to you because  mental queries are now an option.

Beginning inquiries to the heart can serve as a nice control device for the mind, so clearing the mind of its control requires more than just inquiry. Not pleasing the mind can deter it from all questioning. The mind wants confirmation of the concepts it holds, but all of mind's concepts need correction. None of them are "completely accurate". Many distortions are included, even when the data being considered is aligned to what the "experts" are saying. No one who only uses their mind's concepts can actually be 100% accurate. New (previously unavailable) data can completely annihilate any of mind's concepts.

Chelas, an Awakening is the beginning of deleting mind's control of the human character. No desires, needs or "attitudes against" come from the heart. Are the mental qualities of the character also deleted? No, all qualities that are needed to act on one's inner guidance remain.

Chelas who are Awake do not consider any of my messages on this blog frightening. Nor do they concern themselves over the accuracy of my timing. When the accuracy does not seem like an affront to the mind the content is more conceivable. Being Awake means that there is no mind assessing the data and asking for details.

Can you dream of Angels and not be one? No – because what you dream is a mental projection. If Angels are in your mind, they are also delivering their consciousness through your heart. All of the Masters who deliver major clearing of deep mental attitudes are cancelling mind's control. Are these "lightening" deliveries being commanded by the mind? No, none of them.

Only those who are continuously deleting their dense mental attitudes can dance the dance of ascension.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Master S.Germain.
    Since the story of Humanity started long-long ago,man is stragling with his inside dark and also with the outside darkness.It is explained
    by many, how and when darkness prevailed,either
    by attacking from the outside, throuh Achriman,or from the inside, through the Fallen one,in different stages of man,s evolution.
    Our Beloved Lord Boudha,said that, nobody,can avoid pain and suffering,since incarnated on
    this 3d mode world,or field of experiense.
    The only way to avoid this suffering,is through
    Liberation,and liberation is gained through
    Enlightement and ASCENSION,and no other incarnations will be needed.
    Finally,or conclusively,the present days picture,is the outpicturing of man,s inside
    world,as is been motivated and prodjected,
    through his mental and mind,s desires-attidutes,and manifested as the present non-real reality?
    It is well to mention the relative story,about
    The LORDS OF LIGHT,Who,when ordered by Their
    Father to get involved in the creation of man,
    they said:We like to worshipe YOU,and glorify YOU,IN THE REALMS OF ETERNITY,rather
    to see man,s sins!
    Thanks to You and All Ascended Masters.

  2. so let's dance together all mankind that accept the music...


  3. TRULY beautiful, Beloved AM Saint Germain & Lady Aruna....
    Can you dream about 'fear' and be alone in this dream?....
    Do you feel different in the morning, if you dream angels or 'fearful' creatures or situations?...
    Can you feel Angels delivering their conciseness through your heart [ie. your children, loved ones, god...], and 'fear creatures' deliver their negativity concepts through mind?....

    Can you recognize that negativity is simply just a 'concept' of living/existing, while feeling of compassion and love is true conciseness in the works?....

    Can you allow your drams to became true reality, and just see how fast this will realize around you?....

    Only thing you need is a bit of courage and lot of freedom to see this dream as opportunity, to take this as real life.... And Angels and Masters and God will become as real as your dinner is....

    With Love, Predrag

  4. Saint Germain, I wonder why there is such discrepancy between the scenario predicted in your messages and Archangel Michael´s messages through Ronna Herman, considered a trusted and genuine channel.
    December 2008 * LM-12-2008
    There will not be a ‘Galactic rescue team’ who will come to the Earth in great Light ships and lift the righteous souls off the Earth into the heavenly realms.
    The Earth will not be destroyed through either manmade or natural forces.
    However, we will state that there is a high probability that within twenty years of your time, many of the low coastal areas around the world will be abandoned,
    Many of you are feeling a strong impulse to move to another, supposedly, safer place. Know, dear hearts, that you take your safety, or your cataclysms, with you.
    The world will not end in December, 2012.
    the refined Cities of Light will begin to take form in various sacred places around the world. These sacred cities will be built in the areas where the crystalline grids and ley lines intersect,
    (to be continued)

  5. (continuation)

    Archangel Michael LM-5-2011
    A Divine Dispensation has been established so that the advanced spiritual leaders will remain amongst the masses in order to be the shining examples,
    Archangel Michael LM-7-2011
    Beloved masters, first of all, we wish to clarify WHAT ASCENSION IS NOT. At your present state of evolution, ascension of the physical body will only be possible for a few very advanced avatars that have opened the path for humanity’s ascension into the next level of higher consciousness
    In order to ascend in the physical vessel at this time, you would have to almost complete the transformation of your physical body into frequencies of Divine Light, and raise the harmonics of your Soul Song to those of the highest planes of the fifth dimension and above. It is wishful thinking to assume that it is possible to transmute the density of a third- / fourth-dimensional physical body into a fifth-dimensional vessel of Light in one lifetime.
    Anselmo from Brazil