Friday, July 15, 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

All of the messages on this blog address ascension, including those that mention future conditions. Ascension is my first call, due to the clarity that is needed about this. So many dictations of channeled entities have created much confusion. I Am That I Am wants this confusion to be over. My role as Maha Chohan is: to define ascension to those who contracted for it, to let them know the next call is coming, and that getting ready needs to be done. Some who have contracted for ascension are not able to ascend at this moment due to their attitude and beliefs. Those who do nothing to get ready can lose the opportunity.

Many of these messages contain instructions, and many outline the requirements. Should there be questions in these areas, go to these messages and get this information. Before the next wave, all of those who signed up for ascension can qualify, no matter how the denial of one's own awareness has kept you in the drama of man's contractions. Those desiring ascension can get all the details they need on this message blog. Please go to the messages that are already on this blog and get the information.

When the body is able to ascend, the energy to do so will be delivered. But being loving and caring does not make a body ready. First, the density of old contractions must be released. A contraction is a memory that contains an emotional charge. When these are released, the man or woman is able to be fully present to the moment and can be an anchor of light in the midst of any conditions.

If contractions are able to be revived when new circumstances resemble conditions that caused them in the first place, no more light can come into the body to help it move to higher frequencies. Moving the body to higher frequencies is ascension. 

My chelas must clear their contractions for ascension, and it is very naive to assume that holding onto anger, fear and distress is "ascension ready".  It is not. Being caring does not destroy the contractions, only denies them. Open hearts do not automatically dissolve the memories of those life experiences that served to limit awareness. Ascension needs these memories to be clear of attached reactions.

Being caring and loving can very easily help you dissolve these contractions. All it takes is: to love the things that are the most difficult to love. Love the memories that caused you to contract, love those who gave you those memories, and act as though all is dear, no matter what came before, including conditions that caused memories of despair, created anger against another, and demanded your attention towards one of the things the soul chose to learn about prior to incarnation. Forgiving and detaching from these disturbing memories will lead the body to higher frequency capability.

Many techniques exist to lessen the time it would ordinarily take to delete all of these contractions. My mission is to lead you to those who can do them. Ask to meet one of these amazing healers, and call one to you. Associate with others interested in doing this kind of clearing and they may also assist you as you assist them. Work with men and women who appear gifted to heal. Mask yourself as an "Awakened ascension candidate" and you lose.

Awakening dissolves contractions. Why? Because "no mind" means there is no concern about anything, including the circumstances that caused the contractions. Change your attitude about those memories and you will "lighten".  Are we clear about this? Many believe they can ascend now without clearing. They will not ascend. Clearing is an actual detail that the meditators miss. Meditation mesmerizes, it does not clear. No meditator who cannot delete their contractions and give up attachment to the material life can ascend.

Clearing can be done in on the way to getting Awakened. Awakening is not only what occurs in one moment – the letting go of all contractions about one's personal history comes after that first step of Awakening. The initial realization that Awakened the chela deepens gradually into Awakened awareness. Stillness in the body and mind are the consequence of this deepening. Consistent delight does not come to the human with contractions, only temporary ups and occasional drops into deep quiet.

No delay can be considered safe for those aspiring to be on the next ascension wave. Are you one of them? Are the circumstances in your life keeping you caught in attitudes about these circumstances? No? Then you can ascend. If the answer is "Yes", you need to drop all attitudes "against" that maintain the  denial of your True Nature – unconditional love.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Definitely a great post. Hats off to you! The information that you have provided is very helpful

  2. I'm asking for MORE clarification about marijuana use. I understood from the last post that it is not characterized the same as other drugs, and i personally believe it helps open the heart chakra and temporarily quiet mental chatter, but i'm not sure how its use affects ascension qualifications. Thanks.

  3. I find myself drawn to books or articles that are of similar content. The book How to get What you want and Want what You have gave AMAZING strategies for clearing blocks like Blame, Guilt, Procrastination and other blocks. I happen across web articles and I meet others with expertise in areas I have no knowledge in. One article is trying to explain harmonics within the universe, and that is one topic I remain clueless on. I love coincidences that lead to higher awareness.

  4. I am asking HOW to clear the contractions and emotional cellular memory. Please can you respond to this question. Thank you for your teachings.

  5. Dear Saint Germain and Aruna, during this time of the call, are twin flames also being called together to join together in Ascension?