Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ascending and Descending Clarification

When the ascension candidates ascend they will be able to change the content of light they contain at any moment. It is this light frequency that will make them disappear, due to their new level of light containment. Most of those who will not be ascending are already more dense, so when the light frequency of those ascending is elevated they will appear to be invisible to these observers.

When I dictated Master Messages, Vol. III there were three waves of ascension planned. When the gateway opened in 2009, many did ascend and then they descended to continue helping others prepare for  ascension. Never before have so many ascended masters been living in your neighborhoods because they did not disappear as they normally would have.

The next ascension wave is actually the second one, and not ascending is the only choice available other than disappearing. There will be no descending this time.

No "shoulds" apply when it comes to ascension. Those capable will choose it or not. Once the choice is final they will disappear or not. The choice to ascend or not is God's domain and can only be  delivered by God. Ego may appear to be choosing, but God's decree is the only decider. When choice is an option, no candidate who decides from their own channeling or hearing the call will be left behind. "No choice" only means that God's will must choose. Are ascension candidates going to be making this decision from their minds? No, only those who live with "divine will not mine" will be ready to ascend.

More and more candidates are able to ascend now. What has occurred lately is the opening of a magnetic field that is causing a major change in human consciousness. It is dramatizing all differences. No more dark and light games will be deciding the future. From now on, only the increase of light will decree how things will unfold. As the mass consciousness contains all points of view, the ascension candidates who do disappear are to need their contribution replaced. Many of those who leave will be able to become aids to those who can receive and decipher their messages because they are clear channels.

Those who will disappear are to remain intact for awhile, as their auras will give off a radiance until the body dissolves.

On this, the second wave, no descending will occur, only ascending. Not agreeing to ascend when called is not going to disqualify anyone from the 3rd and last wave. When that one comes, only those left behind may be "changing into a different dimensional existence," meaning they can only continue their co-creation in human lives IF accepted by another galactic community. There will be no group delivery to another galaxy, only single applicants can apply. When we composed these original messages there was the anticipation of a Galactic Federation rescue. Since none of the planets that originally agreed to an occupation are now willing to accept one, no other plan can be created until more consciousness appears on Gaia.

When the ascension call comes I am not going to deliver this blog anymore. My channel will be among the last group on the second wave. When she leaves we can no longer give her any dictations, which means that those who have not acted to learn how to be a clear channel will be out of touch with new information. Get this ability now, should you need to be guided by me or other high frequency messengers.

Give me a deep, clear channel of Christ consciousness in a human master and the messages can continue.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Awesome - we are in a ready/anticipation mode.

  2. Thsnk you my dear ones may God bless me with the goodness of ascension.