Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ascension and US Leadership

My dear ones. Friends from many galaxies are all awaiting the ascension. Can you entertain the idea of ascending before the end of this month? In the next weeks an open gateway will make this feasible. Not all will disappear at the exact same moment. Some will disappear during the month of November. We want all of those who ascend to be noticeably missing, and not only on one day.  Some will be around into December. When the next ascension timing dates are finalized among those recording them, one or two months will elapse. Given this detail, don't assume that you are not on this ascension wave after learning of the first group that leaves. We will gauge the dates according to the human attitude that appears to gather during the growing number of disappearances. Make a detailed list of who should be contacted should you disappear.

Choice always contains mental desires. When mental decisions are made there is an ego making them. Egos do not cling to love objects because they help them master the continuation of human connection, but rather, because this clinging means another delay of ego's demise. When the Truth be known, death does not delete close associations, it only appears that way to your mind.

No death experience will be considered a disappearance. We will not have a managed death method going on, only complete disappearance of bodies and their closest dear ones under age eleven or twelve. Most over age twelve will choose for themselves. Many of these children have come in to help prepare those in the next wave.

Practicing daily movements or activities to qualify for ascension are not needed. Only the elimination of contractions, (made by closing the door to love), mean anything to those  experiencing a deepening of awareness. Changes of this kind can still meet the ascension deadline.

Politics are not the actual decisions of those elected by the masses. Mr. Obama was a clear, determined being who cared greatly about the future of the world. Bring in the death threats to his dear ones and he gives away the dream. In the next days Mr. Obama will be a most determined and caring man. What has been his behavior until now (to be directed by decision makers of the most dramatic kind), will be overturned by an organized demand coming from those now demonstrating about the lack of help being given to all who are unable to afford their homes, and most important, to those unable to feed themselves and their children.

When Mr. Obama accepts that he can make a difference, he will. Now he's being disgraced by those wanting this needed turnaround. His most important task has yet to be done: not accepting the demands of his controllers. We are not delivering him to ascension—he's had no chance to delete his contractions. He will need to lead, if the people allow him to maintain his position. But he may not accept their demands due to his own inability to be able to cancel that control. Mr. Obama is not a deceiver, nor is he a controller. In the game of light and dark, he has been drawn into the antithesis of his own nature.

We want you to be his aids in delivering him to his next conquest of his own fear. Still able to be driven, he must overcome his matrix of materialization if he is to lead as he was elected to do. Fight the apathy in you in order to be one of those who aids him to let go of nonaligned decisions and be the man the country of the United States needs. We are aiding him from this consciousness as much as we can. Free will makes this most difficult. Are you able to be his assistants in defeating his negative ego? Please commit to ascend and contribute to the  mass consciousness influence on him so he can become a determined and fearless leader. Contribute your ascension to the messages he receives. Are you willing to make him the man that can turn things around? He is not the dark disguised as the light. He is light overcome by the dark.

Send him caring and compassion. Give him the light he needs. Pray that he can free himself from this dark control game. Believe in the light in the depths of all beings. Once allowed to brighten, it can do miracles in a human container.

False messages against Mr. Obama are not from our dimension. Ascended Masters are his colleagues in essence.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. We do not need yet another "leader". Be it Obama or anyone else. Thank you. Centralized governments are the bane of freedom, without which there is no growth possible.

    Obama was sent to us to teach us about imbalance on the light side. Like Bush, who taught us about the opposite, he will fail because he's not wired to integrate both poles. There lies the lesson for all of us.

  2. Dearest Master St. Germain and Aruna,
    I have felt this about President Obama for some time. However, I feel that Mrs. Michelle Obama may have some darkness in her or surrounding her. Is she an impedence to Mr. Obama's message, ie: his light in the darkness?

  3. When asked about false profets Jesus answered: "You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?

    Obama's actions with the drone assassinations and late term abortion support means he is evil. He is no mother Theresa, is he?