Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are You a Master? Say Yes!

Waking up to the truth of your existence is only one detail to be aware of. All the clearing of contractions in the body has helped to make you a light vessel in human form. When the ascension call comes, all light vessels will be called. No attitude about your worthiness to be called applies. Those who have really become lightworkers are now going to deliver the light.

Following a teacher that tells you otherwise will bring disappointing moments when the day of this next wave comes.  No one can ascend who has not completed his/her homework. Are those completing it now still eligible? Absolutely! Always continue to let go of negativity as it appears. Once empty, the heart will be wide open. Teaching about doing nothing to ascend has been controller guidance. Stay on that track and your dream of ascension will be totally negated. Free yourself of negative thinking about all details of the human experience to be a true leader of light. Positive attitudes neutralize dark comments when they are made by others.

Children of God are all on the same clock as far as ascension is concerned. None are "chosen," all choose their own future. No great division exists between teacher and chela. All are equal in God's eyes. No group of humans is considered a more important group than others. When the bible was composed in the mode of historical data being created as law, the destiny of the group called Israelites was not certain. They chose an authority of divine control to acquiesce to and claimed him as their God. Was he the chooser or the chosen? Neither, he was their only contact and they accepted the demands he made for their own co-creation. Are they chosen or did they choose? All are chosen and they chose.

My dear ones, we are all God's children—even the divine Masters of God's creation are not more dear to God than any of you. No favorites! Can you become more favored? No, but you are able to deliver more of the dance of light to the co-creative nature of manifestation than those who are less conscious.

Twelve tribes were given the tablets on Mount Sinai and only one claims them. All the others chose not to, but they are not going to be deleted from God's memory. When they are called to ascend they are equal to all the others being called. No delineation will be made on this side of the veil.

Practices to get to ascension are not the delivery mode their initiators intended them to be. Welcoming all on an angelic level will be the Ascended Masters and Archangels who are the aspects of divine light asked by God to assist. Answer their call by going out to meet them.

Apathy is not the same as being content "no matter what happens." Can you get delighted that life for all can be improved as a consequence of your completion? How great can a consequence be?
We are not delivering you to anything you haven't experienced before—only the dross of mental negativity does that. We are out of that context and come as great friends to our own counterparts. Take our hands and go through the door to angelic bliss.

Today's message answers comments that are not being published because they are mis-directed in their details.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Saint Germain, please correct if I am wrong, but one of the sources of allied material to yours was the Operation Terra messages, which apparently were to be the original plan, or still are with events moving outwards from their expected and stated materialisations. You may wish to clarify, for those who have/do read both sources.

    In those messages I am sure that it is stated that we need to do nothing. Our Over-soul is in control of the whole affair. This sounds at odds to your advice here. Perhaps I have missed the point, and must say it won't be the first time. The messages do state we have 'teams' working with us to help clear the dross we have bought with us over many incarnations. I am not concerned about working on myself, I know I need to, everyday in fact, things still annoy me and I try to be patient, but I get to a point, then that is it, enough is enough. I can only make the effort to be a Master and see if I get there. I cannot claim I have passed my apprenticeship yet, Master in training here, may make it, may not.

    Are the 12 Tribes somehow allied to the 12 time-lines suggested in the Operation Terra messages?

  2. I only see suffering here
    even when there is grace on this dimension
    there is unconscious suffering

    but favorite and choosen one is not the same thing

  3. Because while i was ascending i was afraid to have an emotional pain
    so i have descended
    can that occur?
    it's important that master saint-germain will answer to me this question so next time i ascend i will not descend again
    so please ask him this question

  4. Because i do not know how to threat the ignorance of the other beings

    when someone ignores me i blame myself for it and this makes me to have pain
    now i know that they are ignorants and not me
    stupid ignorant souls

  5. I am not feeling the truth here and far too many contradictions in these blogs. You are asking us to give anyway our power in the most very basic context. Why would I need angel to ascend when I know my higher self will be part of this? To agree to ascend to a light realm of a fake construct is not a path I will to do. You need to be very specfic in what you are saying.

  6. SG, where you are limiting the Blog comments, others may gain something from reading them. If readers know you are censoring, it may caste doubt on you, as to why the need for it. If something has been covered before, surely you can point to a reference, so your readers can know the meaning, not everyone has read every message. Your readers are not at the same level of learning or ability to understand are they? We are not clones. IMHO (in my humble opinion) none of us should be following any teacher anyway, not even you, we can choose what we take on board for ourselves and which feels best for us, and what to discard, even if we are not able to discern accurately at the time and we miss the ascension altogether. We will learn at our own pace and what feels right for us, won't we? After all, there is only roughly 1/10th of 1% of the population ascending right? That is then leaving 99.9% going somewhere or nowhere. Only God knows that one.

    Governments hide information for their own corrupt hidden agenda's, do you want to appear similar to them? I doubt it. What about the person who has taken the time to comment? Surely they deserve their right of free speech and some respect? IMHO bringing things out in the open and not censoring, will give more credibility to the source. And right now all any of us seem to have, are words on a screen and many sources vying for attention, with so much contradicting information about ascension and 2012. We have to sort through all of that junk. Have you tried it? Perhaps a day in our shoes would help? Is it any wonder people are turned off? You don't answer each and every question anyway, but at least if the comments are there, others may glean something from them. If the commenter is not correct or way off track, say so. If people like anonymous above are not feeling truth here, why would that be?

    I also made a comment to this message quite some time ago, which has not shown up here too. I thought it was relevant to the content of your message. By having it censored I must now wonder why that would be? Is there something that most readers cannot be made aware of? Or am I completely on the wrong track? If so, say so, you won’t hurt my feelings. This whole ascension deal seems cloaked in secrecy, just what the dark I bet. Why, if so little are ascending? Surely they have won the harvest of souls already from a readers point of view, if only 1/10th of 1% are ascending. If you expect respect, please also respect us and our situations and limitations. A lot of us have been suffering for many years, deceivers everywhere, people constantly wanting a piece of us, etc, etc, when all we want is peace and love. We don't need to have our ascension dreams shattered as well do we? Just my .02c worth.

    With all honesty I cannot say I am a Master yet and answer a yes to your question. I consider I would have a false belief, where I have nothing to base such a decision on, I am still here in 3D anyway, and I feel I would be fooling myself by claiming such. As you can see by this comment, I am certainly no where near a ‘no mind’ state. I have gone through whatever I have over many incarnations. I don't even know if I passed my tests, so how can I claim Mastership? If I make the grade to enter the ascension door, so be it. If not, back to Kindy for me I guess.

  7. WEll,
    i can't understand anything of this messages
    the only thing that i understand is that this universe is a shit
    only fifth dimension goes good
    there are not enough free energies so we could live good in 3dimension or by this ascend into fourth
    Unease is because our creator that the universe is an atom of his body
    is a non advanced being/soul

  8. and why are we must to speak in words?
    i won't say yes i a m a master because i believe in the true spirit and not in words but for being saved physically we need to communicate through words
    and i though that i will have everyday an opportunity to ascend but creator didn't gave me even not one other opportunity
    or maybe for creator all this time was not even a day
    because when i have ascended i didn't knew what i was doing or being and i said to myself tomorrow i will have another opportunity to continue it
    but on the humans calendar years have passed but for the infinite
    it is still not tomorrow
    and it will never be