Sunday, October 30, 2011

Man and Nature

Wonderful news—man and nature are now coming to the most obvious conclusion: that all human life is a gift that nature brings. Without nature, humans cannot thrive. Nature can deliver for man's needs as a consequence of its very existence, but it doesn't work the other way around. Careful conduct can add to nature's abundant contributions, and disrespectful attitudes make a drain on nature so great that it contracts the aliveness of man's deliverer. After many years of contracting in its own defense, nature dreams of making its contractions an asset. By moving the disturbance to its creative best, it can make more aliveness possible. What will it take?

Notice what nature is doing now. It is closing the door on some of it's most valuable contents, and making changes that are needed to convert man's consciousness in the process.  When the most necessary changes have been completed, a life that no longer needs demonstrations of nature's dismay can materialize. Have the contractions that Mother Earth carries been deleted? No, none of them have. This will require the correct way of being with nature, with nature,  a master of consciousness, becoming the teacher. How can this come into man's awareness? Caring.

When hearts open, they are able to connect to the One deliverer of awareness they can completely understand: the light that comes from their own heart. Optimum health also needs acceptance of the heart's awareness. Activation of man's  caring nature is the answer to deleting all the deep dark collective anger contained in Mother Earth's contractions. In one month's time a new delivery of God's love is going to act as a "contraction opener," so anger and all of man's other disturbances can go totally out of the human condition.

Never before has the balance of nature and man's consciousness been so disturbed. Nature and man need more contact with the awareness they are both made of: conscious awareness. It exists in all of God's creations, and needs to become the most active decision making answer to man's part of co-creation. This will occur once man completes the next days' changes that will develop more conscious awareness in his heart. Are you becoming concerned about the way nature is destroying the lives of those being challenged with massive destruction. Good! Opening the heart must occur before conscious awareness can be fully available.

Contact the dross in the body's control by allowing caring, the natural cause of healing, to arise. Care about those who are losing their homes and all of their basic living needs, when their cousins, brothers and sisters are not able to assist because of the destruction happening in their own lives. Are they out of your awareness due to distance?  Or are you avoiding reading the news or watching anything on TV that disturbs you? Watching sad movies and the news will help you feel the caring that needs to be activated within you. When you avoid hearing or seeing news of the destruction in the world you collapse all the contractions back into their destructive way of being. Caring, crying and delivering love to those in need opens them back up. Freeing all of those disturbed, managed contractions you are carrying elevates your vibratory frequency and enables the body to accept more light. Opening the heart with compassion for others opens the door for all the light needed for  ascension.

When you act like you are beyond caring about others, you lose the opportunity to gather your dross  and delete it. Change begins in the human attitude, then others will be affected by the demonstrations of caring  that come from the body's mental director.  Only caring makes a difference. Activate the changes that are needed in man and nature will stop the destruction that is occurring for the purpose of creating more conscious awareness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear AM - SG, would you please coment about how the ascencion is coming along?.....we're at the end of October and haven't heard lately about it.


  2. Some good comments and insights Brother on Natural Science and Spiritual Science principles of ecological recovery and renewal.

    In my public talks even though people get concerned about the environmental and social statistics l present. l suggest that in the 5th world we are now entering a higher consciousness world, nature will adapt and respond to our initiatives to natures needs to heal and be restored and in a 5th dimensional way that may surprise us that in some ways a new subtle energy physics may be emerging here.

    According to a new report by WWF and partners, over 1,000 species have been newly discovered in the Greater Mekong Forest over the last ten years. Thats an average of two per week making this one of the most prolific rates of wildlife discovery in the world.

    I'd say that is nature saying the recovery is possible in new ways.

  3. Dear brother in the deepest respect Ascension is "one without second" it is occurring every Second...every Holy Breath, every moment of divine intention...every gesture of service, every opportunity for you to be a Christed being now, today, every day for you to become the consciousness of a Galaxy, of our planet, of the Solar Logos...breath in the IAM into the cellular body each day, bring Ascension into the cellular system and express Ascension virtues in the world.

    The emerging global Occupy movement is actually a movement of Ascension...the ascension of justice, truth, sharing, balance and beauty as the very principles of a new ascending civilization...Christ Emmanuel never wanted to escape the world, but renew the world.

    Ascension is in the body first before you move beyond...recently a medium said...

    "On the other side we are actually wondering when you might actually walk through the door you might exit instead of just opening it" ; ) example of the cellular vibration increase we need to amplify. NAMASTE'

  4. Silly me, i was worried that all of my increasing upset and tears over all the troubles in the world was the sort of disturbance that i'm not supposed to have. But this, and your direct message to me yesterday about being forgiven for all of the hurt i have caused Mother Earth simply through being here on Earth and living within the systems that exist today, have helped me understand that this is all an important part of the process, painful though it is. (I learnt a good one the other day too - 'pain is only weakness leaving your body'). Thank you for clarifying this, Master. x

  5. I have shed tears about the state of our mother before.
    I know what humanity has caused, and I'm doing what I can to make the load lighter for mother earth. I send her love and light every day, recycle etc. Same for other struggling people who ALL have put up their hands to be here at this time and also have volunteered to experience whatever they are experiencing and will do so in the coming days. I fail to see why I should shed tears for them now.
    I have compassion for those that need help and are worse off than me and I do help them, however I stay DETACHED and send them light. I do not see the value in crying over someone else's hardship, when I act in loving understanding while choosing not to experience their pain. Unless of course this is done in a healing way, where the sadness is released afterwards. If someone cries when seeing hardship, more inner work is required to release some issues.

  6. Has anyone disappeared ? St. Germain predicted some disappearing by end October. Today is Hallowen, the day people say that a door to the other world is open.