Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Needs to be Deleted

What my words are telling you is that you can ascend. Make ascension your commitment and complete your deletion of negativity by not complaining or criticizing that which does not fit with your ego's desires. More and more details are being revealed daily about the lies you have been told by governments, corporate marketing specialists and drug companies. Are these details giving you any good feelings? Are you being grateful for these lies? No, you are getting negative. My messages are giving you the love of God in words that are meant to uplift you from this negativity.

How can anyone ascend their own negativity? By looking at all they observe as God's gift to their growth in awareness. Awareness can be expanded without negative attitudes put on what is being revealed. All is needed to grow in consciousness. There are no accidents at all. When you are given more awareness, the most developed thing you can do is be grateful for it. Attacking new awareness material deletes your consciousness quotient. What can you do to be a light in the midst of darkness? Be grateful. Shine that light on all negativity.

My dears, what is not considered acceptable on this blog is arrogance. When a comment contains a negative attack on anyone or any thing, or a comment degrades the messenger, it is not posted. Your ability to get comments posted can use this as a guideline. Another guideline is: do not include a link to a different site that does not add anything of value to this message delivery. Unrelated links that are for the purpose of marketing one's own beliefs ar not accepted. These links cannot be removed by the blog moderator, so the entire comment must be deleted. The other criteria I use to moderate comments is whether the content can be understood. Some comments are not in English or or they are not written so they can be understood by English speaking readers. These too do not get published. Enough said.

Please ask questions. Please feel free to comment. But be aware that negative, arrogant attitudes don't go on this blog site. What do I call arrogance? Being against another's point of view and being dictatorial in attitude about your opinion. Making another appear disrespected is also arrogant. Not agreeing is fine, but disrespecting the one you disagree with is negative. Choosing words that are kind can allow for many points of view to be presented. Acting as a master does not include degrading another.

Every time you present yourself as a more knowledgable commenter than either myself or  other commenters, your attitude is degrading. Act like a divine being—loving and respectful of what others say—and you will be more credible.

False statements made as fact are not the way of a master either. Be careful to deliver an opinion as an opinion, not as a fact. Arrogance is making your opinions appear to be facts. There is no authority in this universe that claims total accuracy in its messages due to the nature of all things being a collective conclusion at that moment.  No detail is conclusive, as nothing conceived by your mind is accurate. All is mentally conditioned to fit your attitudes and beliefs in this dream you are concluding is reality. Presenting anything as a concept means it is not claimed to be truth. This is much more accurate.

My words about ascension are to lead you in this direction. Are they accurate? We will soon see. When dates and times are mentioned they may not appear accurate, as time in our realm is non-existent.

My dear ones. Please get out of your mental attitudes and beliefs and read my messages with less attachment to details. Consider them your guide to possibility.  Be a clear channel of your own Highest Awareness and develop humility. I Am That I Am is your true identity. All of you are Masters in God's creation. Your mind is what thinks otherwise.

As one wise man once said to another: My mind asks the questions and my heart answers them. Please keep asking and listening.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. My heart is pounding with joy after this reading ... I do not usually read the comments to your messages but did happen to read them for wednesdays message. It was disappointing to find that those fortunate enough to have found this website seem to be angry at the information being given to them. I was surprised that the comments were even posted due to the way I felt after seeing them. However, I have been guilty of this very same anger and frustration at certain channelings that seem to have contradictory statements in them. It's clear to me now that this information cannot be analyzed by the mind, but must be felt in the heart. I seem to be doing just that now and I AM no longer caught up in the details but instead use the info as a guide to be the I AM that I AM at all times. I AM grateful for your guidance Saint Germain, thank you for all that you are doing for humanity. Mankind will "get it" soon. I feel it.

  2. Beloved S,Germain.
    How one can have the ambitious to become a master,if he does not show respcet to others,or self-respect?Opinions
    are meseared by othres,and not particularly by us, related to the benefits to general interest.
    Does arrogancy is like other forms of mental and
    mind < fanatism >,leading to part or to complete
    Does arrocancy helps unveiling non-reality,
    or drives to veiling reality,and stay drapped,
    within illusions?
    As You stated many times,Some guestions contains the answers.It is up to us to give the
    proper unswer,or our own unswer.
    GOD bless All.

  3. To pick up your cross and carry it is not an easy thing to do. It is made out of timbers and could easily outweigh a man. The physical prowess to do such a thing is extraordinary. Yet I see ordinary people do it regularly, even frail women. Look at Blossom. She wields her cross with the skill of an Adept Master. But its not easy for her. The October 14 thing heaped scorn and ridicule upon her, but now, 3 years later, she is stronger than ever.

    What don't kill ya make ya mo strong...

    Persevere, it won't be long now...

  4. I wondered about recurring negative feelings after multiple deleting of it. It doesn't feel overly serious, but like a hindrance in moving forward when other areas appear to be open.

    You would laugh if I told you what I 'heard' one morning - I send it in thought to you. :)

  5. hi and thankyou so much for the insight.
    i only have one thing to ask you about.psychiatric medication. i am taking some, and i know that it causes brain damage. you mentioned healing for helpers; does that also include the brain? fondest regards.leo

  6. SG, sorry if I have come across as 'arrogant', it certainly isn't how I meant things to sound.

    However, anything I have mentioned has been information coming from you and also the Operation Terra messages, to which you admit an alliance in a previous message, as they were apparently the original plan, except the events timings have changed. Are the OT messages still accurate? If anything I have said is not right, please say so.

    Are there 12 time-lines going to split off still? Are these time-lines aligned to the 12 Tribes?

    I know I get into the details of things, but you have told us to be discerning, so now I listen carefully to the words being expressed.

    My mind gets carried away with things, especially when anything contradicts, it would be nice if things were simple and straight without all the bends and twists.