Saturday, October 15, 2011

Change Consciousness

Change is beginning for all. Most of humanity will be aware of the deceivers by the day(s) of ascension. As exposure does not equal dismantling any of the corrupt details, those nations not yet acting against their governments will. Total chaos can result. If the directors of the masses are detained or murdered, more directors are to appear. Mass consciousness AGAINST what is occurring denies the growth in awareness that is needed. Calling FOR change does not. Care to disceern between being FOR vs. AGAINST will matter. Joy can override negativity. Ask and challenge with loving attitudes. Give Truth most of your attention. Change comes next.

Arab countries are not the only ones corrupt in their attitudes. All countries are controlled by the dark awareness of greed and dense consciousness. Free your own mind of corruption, then deny nothing about the ways corruption is being mirrored in every country. Mind denys, and a denying mind is a corrupt mind. Change denial to more awareness to clear the negative attributes that now exist in your world.

Face the fact that all is a reflection of the negative attitudes in each of our dear brothers and sisters. Own your own negativity and give it no match in the world. In the near future, no negativity needs to come to the demonstrators who are aware of the negativity they oppose.

Change does not have to be created with attack attitudes. Change can also come out of caring. Ask the crowd for more caring among all who gather. Will they be opposed? Yes, and they can be caring to their opposers. Are these demonstrations going to be activating in making change happen? Not as we would like things to change. Many of the controllers are not going to accept that their duties are corrupt and will grasp for more of the same. When they are called to leave their jobs they will not go of  their own choice. Stay in the heart, as they are not conscious of their own denials. Change can dismiss many who are not aware of their own part in this play.

Another dream is in the making. It is not any more real than the current one, but needs the contribution that will come from ascension. It needs more love and caring in the demonstrators and in those being called on to disburse their control. Attitudes will determine the way change will come.

Free men and women are not caught in any negativity that comes with confrontation. Make sure that you maintain open, caring attitudes when controllers confront you and your loved ones. Act as Ghandi did, never get violent against anyone.

Please do not ask me to discuss other channels through this one. I have delivered numerous details on how to discern for yourself. My channel does not care about the contents of these messages or the content of messages delivered by others. You must choose the messages that are for you on your own. Choose carefully! Some will deny the darkness in their messages and claim their own creations to be negative free. An awakened one does not deny anything. Be awake and care about none of this dream. Welcome whatever comes.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. to all readers interested in awakening and expanded awareness: ask from your heart and you will be shown all your "truths" in many realms of your world - not just one blog, one author, one teacher or one channel - but through your coincidences, intentions and conscious dreams. visioning a new life with love, and accepting all lives totally opposite to your vision, gives the gift of an open heart.

  2. Discernment is the key word at the moment .
    I have been following the blog for more than one and half years now and what i feel is Aruna is detached from the content of the messages. Inspite of being repeatedly blamed for being negative she never bothered to even respond once in the Lightworkers site. This kind of a balance can be displayed only by a true awakened soul just pouring christ consciousness. In my humble opinion anybody who tries very hard to prove their point to be right needs discerning. Where the ego has a role to play by going to lengths to prove its stature. A true awakened conscious is beyond ego and does not get tickled by the outcome of its channeling. At the moment no other channeling resonates with the soul than the one channeled by Aruna . This is my humble opinion. So whatever resonates with our soul is ideal for us. Even when SG instills fear in our mind that is also being viewed as a opportunity for growth, As ascension is not about a master coming to us and waking us someday. It is a personal journey of endeavouring effort to clear out all negativity and go back to our pristine purity state when we will also be guided by the white brothethood .No harm in reading the channelling but to absorb things definitely discernment is needed as in these times lot of such info is flooded in the website . As far as Georgi Stankov is concerned i was too happy that one of my co lightworker introduced him in this website. His ideas were a reinforcement that yes we are to ascend in coming months one more source which confirms it.
    Being in the now helps in discernment as the soul knows what to select to accomplish the contract.

    Thank you and gratitude

  3. Two weeks or less for the first ascensions to begin according to SG predictions !
    I think that there is nothing more important than this prediction.
    Will it indeed take place ? That is the big question.




  5. the unencumbered one
    Within these the valleys of my soul I hear thy voice
    though the voice of the world is loud about me
    I hear it not as Truth...but as the bending of Thy Light..
    into myriad forms of motion, sound and color...
    This the Divine playground of The Spirit
    being without end nor limits,
    but The Truth of The Fire and Light and Guiding, Sustaining Force
    behind all forms, of all fancy and figure.
    Is The Blessed Father..Mother.. Creator and Companion to us All
    whose purposes with you are without measure
    in supreme goodness and destiny ..
    though such words being earthly in origin
    fail to encompass Our Creators ….Meadows of Love ..
    and Eternal Expression Thereof...
    and The Perfect Grace that Eternally Befalls Us ..
    as that having already been Bestowed
    as Our Most Holiest of Birthright

    But The Truth of Our Oneness with and to Each other
    and to our Companion Creator..
    needs become clear to man so that his experience may reflect
    the Beauty and Divine Truth to His Nature,
    Those Attributes of Compassion,
    Merciful Understanding, and Caring Service for One another
    Does not the Heart of every Man and Woman
    Yearn Deep within to Be Ever Freed?
    Of all shadows, and chains and discordance?

    pray then for the manifestation of those purposes
    that align with Thy Grandest Self,
    bringing the experience of healing
    to that of individuals and nations alike,
    for the in-harmonies of mans thoughts, those bringing
    separation and blind and cruel judgment,
    resentment of others ...
    and the accompanying illusions of self importance,
    greed, selfishness, and irreverence to the Gift of Life,
    these must be brought to Light..within thyself
    as well as all self embitterment,
    as in long held beliefs of unworthiness,
    or being unclean, and such self doubts and denials,
    all effective tools of discouragement and despair in our experience.

    Let there come now The Newborn Light of Understanding,
    that accompanies the soul who seeks The Face and Heart
    of the True Author of His Self,
    shall then every Seed and Sun of Our Creator find themselves
    within new pastures of enlightenment and healing
    and the activities of mans relationships
    that are unworthy of our Divine Heritage,
    shall be dissolved being found without merit upon Our Journey.

    This Brotherhood of man lies here before us,
    as Our journey into Truth and Understanding..
    so look within thy moments of life,
    so as to bring peace or comfort, even to but one other,
    for so are all worlds filled with This Our Fathers Spirit and Substance
    That we may know of Him ,
    and of Ourselves as This Same Living Truth,
    and bring forth then
    The Living Vision of The Divinely Unencumbered One.


  6. These two people are channeling similar information about ascencion than Aruna...

    Dr. Suzan Caroll,
    Dr. Georgi Stankov

  7. By the way, October 16 was the day of Elenin closest approximation, which acordding to St. Germain would bring some effects. It would be good an update about the situation, if the anti-matter effect did occur, if the portal to Ascension was opened, if Ascension still is scheduled to begin this month.

  8. Dear Saint Germain, you ask us to care about none of this dream. I am finding this so very difficult to do, specifically when it comes to the animals and plants and natural places. How can I not care about that which I love so dearly? Or have I got the wrong message about what is and is not 'the dream'? Please help me with this.

  9. I would like to emphasize a mistake in the name of the blog...
    "Le compte de Saint Germain" means "The account of Saint Germain" in french.
    It's "Le Comte de Saint Germain" (The Count of Saint Germain... Saint Germain was a french count).
    Is it really Saint Germain at the "end of the line"?

  10. Answer to Anonymous about other changelings :
    so what ? A.
    It is much more changelings in the world.