Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Absolute Necessity of Inner Guidance

Carry out the clear messages that come from within. If these messages are not taken seriously, the Masters and Angels are not going to be able to deliver your presents. Being able to listen to inner messages is the most important condition to access, then, acting on that information comes a close second. Chelas who are not able to get messages from their own inner awareness must depend on others for information. Now is the time to learn how to get the information directly.

If you are not able to purchase A Course In Channeling now, collect money from others and buy it as a group project. Make a group that does the course together. One or two in this group can offer more towards the cost than the others, if necessary. Many can learn together. Only one course can teach a lot of my chelas. Please activate this channeling ability for your own good. My desire is to channel to all who can master the art that has been very clearly taught in the above mentioned course. My continued advice cannot depend on the internet.

All of my chelas need to open their hearts and quiet their minds to be less controlled by those who desire their activities to end. Your greatest danger is not being able to hear inner guidance from the Master within. This alone can deny you the most beautiful future. No matter where you are, form a group and ask for our assistance. All who are disconnected from others may disappear when the drama of gathering the dissenters begins.

Make the ability to channel a most important priority. Pick a day to gather and invite anyone open to learning this method of advancing their awareness. Channeling is not outside the ability of anyone who is open to hearing the voice of their own heart. Call it God's words. Call it divine inspiration, call it grace. No matter what you call it, give this matter your immediate attention. No matter how many classes you take, or books you read, nothing will give you the guidance needed to avoid a disaster. Only the inner voice can guide you to another area in time to be out of the way.

Names of Masters or other entities are not important. Christ consciousness is the only criteria to be considered. Names like mine are frequently used to mislead those who are not able to discern a Master's consciousness from a controller's consciousness. Fierce competition drives those who channel to accept non-aligned messages as Truth, and the controllers use this competitive attitude to their advantage. When they decide to close down the most direct manner of communicating on the planet, your own inner wisdom, they do this by disguising their devious messages to appear as my voice or the voice of my colleagues.

None of the controllers can delete the Master within your heart if you are more aware than those of their dimension (astral). Some of them are now being revered as contacts for the highest answers of consciousness. No entity of light plays the control game.

My dear ones, channeling must be a most important goal to attain NOW! All Masters are adepts of higher awareness. No Master can do miracles alone. All miracles are co-created with Masters of the seventh dimension. Clear channeling of the seventh dimension is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is now or never, because getting your channel clear takes time. It requires the right attitude, the more advanced level of awareness, the open heart and the quiet mind of a good adept.

Ponder this: My conduit has a most clear channel because of her awakened awareness. Not every channel has the clarity that comes as a direct result of an Awakening. Give yourself the ability to channel. The awareness of the non-aligned controllers is not as masked as it was in the past. It is not going to disappear, it is getting more active. You need to activate your direct connection to divine gifts. Please give this matter your most important attention.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
A Course In Channeling can be downloaded here.

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