Thursday, June 17, 2010

North Korea is the Most Unpredictable

All the men and women of the Asian area are now being considered disposable. None of the change agents of those countries with the most weapons are giving them the news. Most of these countries are more focused on Iran because of the money available from this country's easily managed oil control.

Iran will not contact anybody before controlling the area of the Middle East with nuclear weapons. If they get them, they will attack Israel as quickly as they can. And this will destroy the American opportunity to defend any country that needs assistance. North Korea may talk before striking.

Making a deal with North Korea buys more time to deal with Iran. No way of managing this country's main controller can give the needed control to another country. Il must be contained with money and deeds of conciliation. Il will not do anything before making this demand.

Iran, on the other hand, must do its deed without any conversations. It will give no warning. Iran may strike at any moment. Consider this the most dangerous country. Now, most of the men in Iran do not want this to occur. Only the man at the head of the management of this country - Ahmadinejad. He's the most content man on the continent of this country because the other leaders are all calling for another way to deter Israel's aggression against the Arabs in Gaza. Politics in the Middle East can be argumentative, but all the leaders do want Israel destroyed. Ahmadinejad needs no change agents in America to agree to his master plan. It is his most demanding answer to the laughing of the Americans at his nuclear dreams. It will also be his downfall, as the Israelis are not going to wait for his military might to destroy them. They are also making a master plan. Theirs is not nuclear. Theirs can detonate Armedinejad's nuclear capabilities before he can attack anyone. His threat is very real, but not as dangerous as the one in North Korea. Policies against Iran must continue. Policies against North Korea must not.

Be the answer to this no-win situation and close the door on nuclear attacks. Solve this dilemma with negotiation and calm acceptance of Il's demands. Buy time in the negotiation contact and demand assurances of no nuclear attack before giving any conciliatory documents. Ambiguity must not get an enactment of this man's devious mind.

My dear ones, over the next months there is great containment needed. Most of you who are my chelas know this. Any who are not aware of my concern about man's military capabilities are not introduced to them. Man must become more caring. Man needs answers to these non-caring attack options. Begin with delivering more caring to one another. Care for others that are needing more care. Care for homeless and disabled children of God as you want to be cared for by others. Be a demonstration of God's divine love. Give the mind no attention. Give the heart the mastery it can deliver. Give me your attention daily to be one of the answers to this call for assistance during these days of darkness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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