Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Can Be Learned From The World Cup Games

My dear friends. My message for you today is about confrontation. Masters confront the drama of their mind whenever it appears in manifestation. They do this to communicate to those who act out their mind's conscious and unconscious attitudes. When an activity like soccer comes to the world's attention, humanity has an opportunity to observe games that call forth their mental attitudes. Are your attitudes about the actors in these games angry? Sad? Cheering the winner and degrading the one's who are not winning? Are you grateful to those who give you entertainment? Are you negating this giving by making derogatory comments about them? Pure consciousness is not about loving the most aggressive, it's about loving all who give their energy to the game.

Now is a good time to ask yourself, "did I get upset at my preference to win when they made a mistake?" "Can I accept that this mistake was not done with the intention of the other team scoring a goal?" "Can I give gratitude from my heart to the whole team anyway?" Or, "am I angry about this mistake, mad at the one who made it, and negative about the game?" Please ask yourself about this, because the way you react to a game reveals important messages to your awareness.

Pride is another message to observe. "Do you claim there is more charm, control of life, or there are more advanced beings on the team of your choice?" "Do you associate their acts of bravery or goal scoring with yourself?" Observe how the mental control of the whole team adds to the deep healing the whole team needs when a game is lost. Can the man in charge get out of his negative feelings and have appreciative contact with his team? Or, does he manage them with anger?

Both teams are aspects of the One. Both goal keepers are One. When you consider a kick of one team an indication that one team is more capable than the other, your mental attitude is destructive. First and foremost, all humans must accept that games are miniature demonstrations of human clarity when it comes to decision making. And when a game is won, it doesn't need to make an individual or a team condescending as a consequence. Both teams are YOURS, not just one of them. When you get angry at one team or one player, that anger is being directed at YOU, the One. What good does it do to get angry at the mental attitude of your own psyche? None at all!

Forget who does what in a game. Be glad you got to attend. Give all the players your appreciation. Fill the players with good attitudes about themselves with your gratitude. Thank both teams for a good contest. Praise them and give them a mental attitude of the heart, not the contrasting attitude of the mind that believes defeat matters. It doesn't, in any of your worldly dramas.

This is only one example. Apply this message to all your confrontations.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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