Friday, June 18, 2010

Bring On The Light

Ponder this: More catastrophes will occur. Are you meditating? Are you capable of adapting to the next condition of human development the controllers have designed? Are you able to go with the flow? Now is the time to gather together to learn how to create the kind of development that heart consciousness can manifest. Now is the time to give the darkness all the light you can illuminate. Now is the moment to cast YOUR agenda into the mass consciousness. Your vibration matters!

Call off the doves that do nothing but talk. Act now to take back your world that has been bled to death by android clones that manipulate your mind to gain attention. Mastery must now begin!

Call it anything you want, but get yourself to the highest vibration. Meditate. Choose to get guidance from Angels instead of entities that generate mass destruction of the collective consciousness as a most overt call for death. These most active destroyers are the ones who guide you to divide, who gain man's allegiance with mandates that generate fear or actions based on greed instead of caring.

Most of you have been anticipating these times with more denial than dread, and now they are here. Dread must be deleted for the gas of the volcanoes to move away from man's continents and the oil from the Gulf to move out of gushing mode so it can be contained. Fear of death is now active, and will not be deleted by man's present conversations.

Nothing will give a more positive answer to all of these changes than light - light that connects, and cannot be shaken by a controller's advice. Light is generated by acting on what is being called for by your own heart, and by releasing whatever fear is held in the body.

What you can do NOW is Awaken! Awakening will allow the detached attitude that is needed to be clear and competent during a catastrophic event. Awakening can release the fear of death, and eliminate the conversations that draw out the darkest nature of man.

The controllers are not going to tell you of their actual devious manipulations. You will need to identify them by their advice. Here are some clues to guide you:
1. Are they nice to you and not nice to others?
2. Can you give them your open and caring, complete acceptance?
3. Do they eliminate your fears with heartfelt advice?
4. Are they calling for giving?
5. Can you get close to them or are they holding themselves as too special for that?
6. Are they giving guidance that leads you to your own inner Truth?
7. Are they making money for their negative advice? Advice that leads to God is not negative, nor is it expensive. It is man's greatest gift to mankind.

Who are the clones of the Orion controllers? They are manifestations of darkness that call themselves the light. They can act and appear as men, but they are merely androids that came onto Gaia to demand their own agenda. Caring about them cancels their ability to deny their darkness. Caring about them activates their controlling maneuvers. Controllers may appear as man or control a body as a channeled deity. Neither has the consciousness of a divine contact.

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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