Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stop the Money Controllers NOW

Contemplate the manner in which you give energy with your thoughts. Every thought you think manifests the "matrix of materialization". As you think an affirmation, another manifestation is created.

Banks are making affirmations. Their new measures are manifesting a different mandate for money. This new mandate decrees that a man who doesn't meet his collection date cannot make any new charges. Collecting comes first. Man's inability to get his needs met affords him no future.

This negative message creates a mode of conditions that delete man's ability to accept these new doctrines and man is demanding a new way to bank. He doesn't want any new conditions around the answers to his needs. Nor does he want any man (particularly, someone who is not in need) to delete any of what he considers "his money." To cancel any of these new conditions, he must give away what he considers to be owned by him.

Bank closings are already taking place. Many more will close. Next comes the drama of cash merging into one currency - one currency all over the world. A new gold backed currency could make a more amicable move for the common good, but all the money controllers cannot agree to this move, so no backing of the new currency will occur. Counseling these controllers will not change their moves. No asking for guidance is occurring. My ability to counsel any of them is nil.

Today's answer to these men comes only from those who are able to alter the mass consciousness. Making a difference now must be a common goal. Enough of our conduits are delivering this message, more need to get the message and take action on it.

Saying, "I AM THAT I AM" many times a day cannot alter mass consciousness. Acting as "I AM" can. To act as "I AM" means giving, it means deleting negative consciousness in all major areas. Making a daily decree of "Today I AM" demands a degree of "I AM consciousness.

Playing this game now, to improve man's destiny, can delete all of the negative contributions to the mass consciousness. It can make a difference in the level of caring about a man's ability to care for himself vs. man's demise. Man's demise does not need to occur.

Banks desire nothing more than making money at any cost. Making death can be the cost. Controllers care only about their own antics, not about others. STOP THEM!

You, collectively, can alter their course of dis-ease and death. Care enough to make your own contribution to "I AM" consciousness. Make no mistake: no deaths need to occur. No collapse of money needs to occur. No dreams need to be deleted. Making a difference can still be a natural consequence of "Being." Choose to Be the "I AM". Choose daily. Act accordingly. Your new destiny depends on this.

I Am Ascended Master Saint Germain
channeled by Aruna

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