Friday, June 4, 2010

Changing Times

"All the children of our manifestation on Earth must now become aware of their changing environment. Those who are in a consciousness that does not include the ability to channel are not getting messages they must have. No man, woman or child will be detached from the next monetary condition. All will be affected. Humans who are not open to hearing the call, to make a direct channel to their own inner guidance, need an ally who is an open and clear channel. My channel, Aruna, will be available as a guide during the next cycle of man's destiny. Her news can come at any time, so check this message board regularly. What my "Changing Times" messages will tell you can help you through all of the planetary changes that will continue to unfold."
Saint Germain

"Today's message: Make a commitment to doing whatever you can to get assistance, as needed, on a daily basis. Walk among trees, pay attention to the sounds of birds, ask an animal for awareness. All of nature wants to assist. Open your mind to whatever can be learned and delivered from nature."

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1 comment:

  1. Namaste...

    I Am Michael...

    I Love your blog! St. Germain is my favorite Ascended Master. You are very precisely right in your initial post. Turbulent times require your inner sight to guide you. It should be a priority to cultivate communion with your higher self, the I Am that I Am...

    I look forward to reading your continued posts, very enlightening so far...