Monday, June 14, 2010

When Money Disappears

Change is accelerating. None of the money being produced on man's behalf can be sustained. The Gulf oil condition cannot distract man's attention away on a matter of energy depletion. Money will not be able to create more energy directions if the money being managed now drops in acceptance. Money will gradually collapse, one or two countries at a time.

What can be done?
1. Address the situation NOW, before it occurs.
2. Activate a monetary caution.
3. Clear out all major domains of gold and other metals and give them to the people who are able to donate them to charities. Many charities are to need aid assistance, as many people are to need charity.
4. Begin to give out healing energy to man's consciousness.
5. Allow man to demand more aid from his government.
6. Give aid to all who are dying and not healthy before others. Then ask them to aid others with their mental thoughts.

Aid must become the highest priority. Money will collapse. Gold will not buy groceries. Take a new approach to dreaming. Don't dream for yourself alone. Dream for all of humanity. Bring to humanity heart and soul awareness. Give heart messages to one and all.

Ponder this: Man's drama is now in motion. Giving is the only answer to healing the circumstances needed to deal with this.

Prepare to make the new world with goods and services that can aid each other. Pay with goods and services. Make many aware of what they can do to contribute. Mastery can do anything! Master your own fears. Positive thinking can act as a Mastery "cause and effect" tool. Give away positive attitudes. Give away caring. Help many to deliver gratitude to mass consciousness, instead of anger and fear.

My words are not to contain "love and light" without addressing the facts. Facts must be delivered. More details are to be given. Check daily for my guidance on how to be content with the day's news. Being content must be the daily affirmation. Apathy must cease. Choose to give out gratitude and not fear. Ask for guidance from my channel if you are disturbed.

No deaths are negative. Death can be delightful when the tests have been passed. This disaster can be the last test. Ascension can be the end of the controller's game. Ascension may look like death. None of the controllers can ascend.

Man's lack of continuity on money matters has been in the works for a very long time. Not it has come to the days of darkness. Control of money will be done when there is none to control. Peace must be the goal now. Peace must be within the heart. Peace begins with YOU!

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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