Sunday, June 6, 2010

Co-Creating With Nature

Most humans consider nature's answer to man's destruction a travesty. Yet, man did not consider nature important, causing so many disturbances, that there is no way to control the consequences of all that has gone awry. Now, man can only make adjustments to adapt to a different model of co-creating with nature.

My daily messages are a reminder of what needs to change, and a guide to how those changes can be accomplished. Let's start with the oil spill. Make this an example of man's adapted co-creation.

Give the most caring thoughts to all concerned. Make no negative comments. If you stop putting negative thoughts into mass consciousness, another energy can advance the materialization of a new chapter in modern day co-creation. Then nature can contribute once again to new growth in human advancement.
I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
channeled by Aruna

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