Sunday, August 8, 2010

Compte de Saint Germain

My dear ones. My message for today will be an act of grace. Many of my chelas are not getting these messages. Can those who are make the others aware of their existence? Grace comes as an answer to man's condition of courage. Be courageous. Make your beliefs, as my chela, one of the things you give to another. God does not answer any dreams about control or dis-ease creation, only those that come out of caring. My messages are not going to cause any control or dis-ease, and may aid man to live more easily and not disappear as a species. Can this gift be one you tell others about?

My other topic today is the name of the Compte de Saint Germain blog. My channel was given this name with its Compte as a signature. Many deceivers deliver messages that are not from me, and do this with many variations of the name. No Master cares about a name. Names are not the cause of their communication. But my name has been mistaken on many communications, and I need to create a signature that cannot be distorted. My new name for all to know is the one found on this blog. Many channels are not aware of this change, and may not use the new Compte title for awhile - until all my conduits are given a change by my direction. Those who begin channeling my messages must ask for the correct method of writing my name. If Comte or another name is used, make note that this is not the Ascended Master of my consciousness - I AM THAT I AM consciousness.

Many of my channels are already calling me other names. Merlin is one, and Saint Joseph is another. Neither of these names are mine. I AM THAT I AM is One consciousness that all are able to access. No I AM THAT I AM consciousness is an actor in a control drama like either of these names represent. My request is that ONLY my actual name, Compte de Saint Germain be used. It is the title that makes the most sense, as it only makes reference to my consciousness as a Master.

Ponder this: Names are not relevant to content, but to the Master, they are most appropriate when they are naming a Master, not an egoic character.

Merlin was not a Master. Neither was the father of Yeshua. My other names are equally not appropriate because none of my lifetimes are Master consciousness until my last one.

My actual name in that time was Count Rakoczy at the moment of this man's death, and I was next called Saint Germain, when I materialized in another body to continue my work in form. That body was my own creation, not one I took over. Now my name is Compte de Saint Germain. I am not a French Count. I AM consciousness itself. Consider my name as only this.

Ascended Master Compte de Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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