Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Using The Violet Flame

Changes to mankind's nervous system have been going on for many of your years, making the veil between us more transparent. Because of this, inter-dimensional communication with our realm has the ability to give messages to many at the same time, and entities in other realms have this ability also. Sixth and seventh dimensions are the higher realms. Anything beyond this has no individuated mechanisms to deliver contact. On the other side of the spectrum, the dimensions below six, including the astral realm, are the contacts many New Age channels are in touch with.

The astral consists of divine beings who have not come to an awareness of their loving nature. In the astral, they learn about their affect on the mass consciousness in 3d by getting a big dose of its effects. As they come to greater awareness, they incarnate in another human body to give themselves an opportunity to be conscious in an actual 3D dream.

Not all of man's guides are Master or apprentice Master consciousness. Many are acting as assistants to these as learning opportunities. Any of the less conscious of these assistants can choose to get their own channel and deviously tell them they are one of the Angelic or Ascended Masters. This is very common, because all have the ability to act independently and we cannot control this.

Now that the veil is very thin, these divine beings are being given lessons on control by the beings they overshadow. Control is not acceptable. It negates the free will of one's conduit, and may deliver negative ideas and action advice to the conduit. Conduits are the ones who must be aware of this control and end it.

Humans have the ability to decree their own autonomy. No guide can maintain control without the human's agreement. Choice is man's prerogative! Once he accepts the rogue guide as his own channeling companion, he needs to decide whether that guide is Christ consciousness or not. Our realm, 7th dimension, are all Christ consciousness. Sixth dimension has some who are not yet 100%. Astral beings are NOT.

Astral beings are also those who have not crossed over. Once they leave the human form they remain around their community and are able to attach themselves to man's energy body to give advice by nudging and contact by mental direction. Ghosts are that kind of astral being, choosing man's trappings over a move to more expanded awareness.

Man must learn to recognize these developments in his human consciousness. Man must demand his autonomy. In many death scenarios, these devious beings are the cause.

Man does not act like he has the ability to recognize these deceivers, but all can notice negative thinking and controlling mental thoughts. Clearing the body with the assistance of natural compounds, and calling in the three fold flame, can delete any controller of this type. My advice, is for all of humanity to call in the violet flame (of my consciousness) to manage their causal body now. All you must do is mentally decree: "I call on the violet flame of Saint Germain to clear all of the dense energies in my aura". As this is being decreed, mentally visualize a fire of deep violet color arising from the bottom of your feet, enveloping all of the body, and clearing all of the attachments and devious energies that are around. Allow the flame to consume all of the auric energies that are not absolute in their divine Christ consciousness content. As the transmutation does its job, the violet flame will dissipate, and the Christ color of white and gold will be the chela's aura for that moment.

Thoughts create the colors we see, so a clear mind acts as a Christ consciousness aura all the time. As negative thoughts arise, activity of the mind alters an aura. Changing auras is now your area of control. Aura clearing is not permanent. Anything you think can bring an attachment, or an act of drama from anger can attract an astral or earth bound entity back. Clear yourself frequently, and give love to those beings to help them move on to higher realms. Panic may cause them to act dramatically if they are not led to the light by man's guidance.

Astral beings are also divine, not evil demons. Choice has led them away from their highest good. Consider them another awareness that needs some caring. Give them the help they need to continue their spiritual dance. When you do this, you have given more light to the mass consciousness. Make light the goal for all.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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