Sunday, August 22, 2010

World Change - A New Way

Conscious death is the most important aspect of an adept's continuous incarnation cycle. Once the adept can accept that death of a body has no more meaning, a condition of ego's control dissolves. Fear, all fear, gives the ego, attached to a man's consciousness, total control. Man can accept or reject anything the ego dreams up to cause more control. Most conduits of channeled messages have a consciousness of heart that has an attached ego. The open heart has the ability to be caring and giving, but the attached ego will look at any situation for a way to give the mind's control more anchoring to the body. A most healthy mental condition is an open heart, with an active chela doing the things the heart wants next, ignoring the cry of ego for a different action. Chelas are always able to choose. Choosing the guidance of man's heart can do more for man's contribution to a New Earth than any condition or action lead by an active ego.

Answers to man's dilemmas are given on an "as needed" basis. All dilemmas have an answer and an action that can cause a new result. The mind's answer to all things comes from an accumulation of mental concepts with a "once upon a time" mentality. "Once I did this and  . . ." can lead away from an answer to a major dilemma where new circumstances are being considered by the heart. "Once upon a time. . " mentality eliminates common answers and new ideas to any condition needing alteration. Facing a future, in the same way the past was managed, delivers another version of the same answer.

Parents must teach their children a way to make decisions on their own, a method of listening to their own heart before acting. Calm, clear advice comes out of the heart and allows the ego to do the next consideration of an idea. Making conscious choices does not dissolve an ego, only acting on those different choices does that.

Prayer for delivery of aid to a condition of difficulty always gets answered by an Angelic being that gives advice through the heart. Contact is very easy, as man has asked, and this grants permission to the Angel to answer. Answers of the most conscious kind come when one asks for advice, and gives that advice more acceptance than ego's delivery of another version of the same old contribution that caused the dilemma in the first place.

The United States has been the most active example of this. The US does not get positive attention for any controlling action. And yet, another opportunity gets answered with the exact same tactics. Clearing out the new energy by the old dynamic, comes again and again. No attention to the result of that action generates yet another choice by the exact same managers the next time around. Only new advice, coming from another, more objective observer, will change things.

Anchors of light are Angelics in human bodies. They deliver an energy of love to humanity that allows more awareness for the minds of man. Are the minds that are receiving these new energies acting differently? Not many. They are not accepting new advice that comes from our realm directly to them. Money, definitely one of our most controller dominated concerns, has been demonizing an entire frame of reference when it comes to an acceptable new direction.

No Amero is going to save any currency needing more capital. Only debt reduction can do that. No debt reduction seems to be considered during the translation of the deceivers messages to the minds being called upon to make new choices. Practice does not make perfect. Making the same errors again and again asks for no new conditions to be made manifest.

False messages are always being given on an unprecedented scale. Mental decisions MUST come from the heart before man has no ability to change anything. Beliefs about creating one's reality are not making the needed difference. More conscious choosing by government decision makers needs to begin. NO NUKES must be the first mass conscious decision. NO NUKES must be a new direction. NO NUKES means NO Nukes in any country! Absolute agreement on this one thing can change the world the way it needs to be changed.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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