Monday, August 16, 2010

Creating As Christ Consciousness

Christ consciousness has two qualities that come to man as he Awakens. The first is love. Not the mental attachment many believe love to be, but heart directed action as the cause of all his manifestations. Caring creates a most direct message to the mass consciousness to give more.

Caring deletes greed. Caring has no demands attached. Most people think of caring as giving away anything they no longer want. Caring comes as an energy, not a contract to give. Making a donation to one who gives, is a natural way of demonstrating the consciousness called Christ consciousness. Giving attention, and being available to assist another, calls man to an Awakening. Caring for one of the children of God, gives God the message that the heart has opened.

Twenty million incarnated to bring this Christ consciousness to man. Only about five million have contacted the mass consciousness with caring actions that demonstrate open hearts. My colleagues and I are amazed at how closed the hearts are in many who call themselves lightworkers. Hearts that are open are loving to their fellow man, not demanding attention to themselves, or culling others by casting doubt on their contributions to humanity.

Many contributions are made to mass consciousness by those who are not caring, and this is causing negative conditions. Picturing world peace cannot create world peace, unless the creators are peaceful. Many of the cause driven men and women are not able to act in a way that can answer the needs of others, because they, themselves, are driven by anger. Being AGAINST someone's actions negates any cause and effect benefits. Being FOR a new way of doing things can create miracles. Groups like Greenpeace are not creating any manifestations that make the managers of their opposition groups move in a different way. Other ways of causing a more constructive result need to be created.

The other Christ consciousness quality is an active awareness of all the mandates being given to create anything at all. For example, every time one asks God to do something, this mandates an energy that attaches itself to one of the causes of the manifestations coming into form. As this mandate has little ability to cause an effect on its own, other mandates of like mind come together, and draw to the one who has called for this mandate a more creative control of the designated materialization. One  demonstration of this is the manner in which your crowds collect together to demand one change, or how many are collected to comment on a petition. These mandates draw more answers to the cause than anyone can draw to the condition by himself. Making a difference requires a group effort.

Now, take the condition of man's new earth. Mandates FOR this can create new things. A mass consciousness that thinks against the current conditions will continue to create them. Making new creations denies nothing about current conditions. In fact, assessing current conditions is necessary, as  awareness of the actual cause inspires an answer that brings clarity about the next action.

Meditation creates a group energy and gives the mandate to cause more open hearts. Continue this daily to help the new earth be a more loving place. Talking about others negatively gives mandates to the mass consciousness that delete the goals of meditation. Openhearted beings do not denounce or degrade anyone!

Pause when you notice an opportunity to contribute disharmony to mass consciousness. Ask yourself, "Am I bringing light to this situation?" "Can I bring light here?" Your answer tells you how one person can make a major change to future manifestations.

Honoring all for their contribution to mankind must contain an honest mental intention. Diversity  contributes opportunities to give love to those who fear differences. All are created in God's image. Not agreeing with anothers attitude does not make the other wrong. Agreement is not always the most conscious choice. Making an observation, and asking within for an answer about that message or conflict, can give an objective guide an opportunity to teach. Most of you depend on mind's contribution to your attitudes and beliefs, and do not get your guides' opinion about anything. Your guides are more aware than your mind. Guides are the teachers you most need. Ask their advice before deciding about "resonance". If new information does not agree with what mind believes, ask and get your guide's input prior to deciding anything. Asking a guide demonstrates an opening for growth.

Being a teacher carries a lot of responsibility. Teaching new things means an opportunity to trigger the dislike and negative attitudes of those who are not open to anything different. Making a difference means new and different choices must be made. Beliefs are the existing cause of what needs to change.

My dear ones. Be open. Be caring. Give to others. Allow them to be themselves without negative comments. Answers for the next generation may be in their hands.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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