Friday, August 13, 2010

Mastery and Channeling

Control of one's thoughts cancels Awakening. Any use of the mental domain is non-productive where Awakening is concerned. An Awakening is the disappearance of all concepts, beliefs and attitudes. A quiet mind doesn't answer any attempts of moving it.

Anchoring light needs a quiet mind. Stillness of mind allows no interference to alter our connection to an anchor of light. Only an anchor of light can be a Master of Awareness, because a Master contains no opinions. As long as there is an opinion about the daily life experience, an attitude exists. All attitudes are mental.

Positive thinking and negative thinking are both thinking. Neither of these ways of thinking are a Master's attitude, because a Master does not hold any attitudes. This may be difficult for many of you to understand. My reason for making this advanced consciousness teaching as my daily message, is to let the Masters of my audience know there is a Master delivering these messages.

Concepts about Mastery are not the actuality. Masters are empty vessels of consciousness that are able to deliver an answer about anything, as needed, by not doing a thing. Their Mastery is their awareness and their absence of opinions. This allows their divine consciousness to freely be delivered. God does this whenever an anchor of this level of Mastery can be found.

Channels are one step towards being this consciousness, as they can deliver answers that come through the mind without any mental disturbance. But almost all channeling can be distorted by the mind. Channeling only comes from our delivery when the mind is not used. Automatic writing can deliver answers about things the mind does not contain any data about, but due to the mind's ability to control what can be delivered, answers about ANY condition cannot come through mental channeling all of the time. False information in channeling is not another deliverer coming in during the course of the channeling, a most uncommon occurrence, but a mind game contributed by the denied mental controller.

Practicing channeling can make a difference in the contact ability. Most new channels don't get any dramas like this until they are called upon for an important content delivery that the channel's mind does not agree with. Once this occurs, mind becomes attentive to all messages, and begins to cause different content to be included. Be careful to deliver nothing that appears to be a personal opinion! Opinions change the message, be it channeling or anchoring content. Absolute clarity in channeling can only come through the mind that is quiet all the time. This happens when an Awakened one is willing to give channeling their contact's messages as a gift to others.

This can be the contract of a Master who is anchoring light, not a contract of an amusement park psychic or one who disturbs the message with opinions. Channeling my messages asks one thing: give me a commitment to get clear messages. Then do channeling regularly to deliver messages to others. Pause when an opinion about content causes any distrust of the message or the message deliverer. Close my comments with my contact management game of awareness: always ask if the message is Christ consciousness. Never assume, always ask. Your mind never answers a "yes" to this question if it is not Christ consciousness. Pure channeling can be delivered by those with mental activity, as long as the channel is mentally content with the material.

Never deliver messages to others that don't "feel right" to you. Allow that guidance to come in the areas of the heart or solar plexus, and only from these areas, not the advice of your mind. Welcome to all who are willing to be a channel for our Christ consciousness messages. Channeling clear messages can be a major contribution to man.

When my channel does these messages they appear as material from me without distortion. No message appears on this blog without my approval and consciousness of divine grace. Blessings to all who are interested.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I’ve read through some of your other blog posts and I’m quite confused. There seem to be many contradictions. In your Aug. 3 post entitled, “Manifest a New Beginning” you say,

    “Fear will cause your concerns to manifest. All the predictions made, including mine, can be altered NOW. Choose a different attitude about the future, and create the future anew….Man’s concerns call to him all that he dislikes. Man’s gifts to himself are the goals he makes to create a world as he would like it to be. Many destructive catastrophes are now in the making, but this construct and new beginnings can be rearranged NOW, with the assistance of calm minds and happy thoughts. Freedom from actualizing all of the predicted catastrophes can come quickly, when enough of you are able to turn away from fear, and confront these concerns with different thoughts. For example, instead of disaster, think about people giving happiness to their neighbors, or new dreams of change,……’s cheerfulness and new attitudes about life. (This is precisely what I was getting at in my first comment to you...I was saying that perhaps making posts about disaster turn people’s minds toward disaster?? And if we use our power to choose possitive thoughts we can create the world of our dreams… made it pretty clear that you did NOT agree) Also, “You create your own future.” And “Man does not recognize his own divinity. As an aspect of the One, all man need do to be at cause, is make an affirmation, declaration or commitment to the desired creation.”

    Is this not a contradiction of your later words: “Only desires and content of a minor character can be demanded and created by man’s mind.” And “Cause and effect is one of the most ancient laws of the universe, and will supersede all mental beliefs, attitudes, conceptualizations and desires.”

    You say that an awakened one does not attempt to alter anything, yet aren’t many of your posts specifically ABOUT enacting change? To alter = To change, doesn’t it?

    Where is the line between a desire of ‘minor character’ and a desire of ‘major’ character drawn? Why tell your followers to use their mind to enact major change, then tell them later that they can only affect ‘minor’ changes?...and that Cause and effect in the end, trumps all.

    Actually, in your latest post, you seem to advocate not using the mind at all. “positive thinking and negative thinking are both thinking. Neither of these ways of thinking are a Master’s attitude, because a Master does not hold any attitudes....” It seems to me that inherent in your teachings is a desire to aid your followers to levels of mastery…? Why then tell them on one hand to use their thoughts and on the other to rise about them?

    You say your channel is a master and that "..these messages they appear as material from me without distortion. No message appears on this bog without my approval and consciousness of divine grace." Why then does Aruna place a disclaimer on her site Re: the absolute accuracy of these messages? If she's THAT clear and you are so sure of this, why the necessity for this?

    Just really confused here and would appreciate any clarification you could give. I know that one of the factors I use when assessing the legitimacy of my own channeled material and the channeled material of others is consistency. Ie: Does it contradict other messages...Just seems there's some pretty blatant contradictions going on here.

  2. Thank you Saint Germain for answering my questions. It's mind boggling how you truly come to your chelas aid. You are communicating with us through this blog. You listened to the questions I asked you and to the concerns I had a few days ago. I now have a deeper understanding. Thank you Saint Germain for listening. Thank you Aruna for being a clear channel and posting his messages. These messages has created momentum within me to take the next step in my mastery. I will listen to my calling and do the work necessary to master in this lifetime. I send love and blessings!