Monday, August 2, 2010

Congruency in Channeling

Channeling words from Ascended Masters should be most congruent with the consciousness of the channel. When this is not the case, the entity contributing the dialog is not an Ascended Master.

My dear ones, channeling helps all who are able to advance in consciousness from it, but those who channel are also needed as advanced teachers, not just as channels. To be an advanced teacher, the contents of clear, Christ consciousness material needs to be demonstrated. All teach by example. An example of Christ consciousness does things for others as needed, not giving a thought to acknowledgment. Meditating to anchor light is this kind of giving. Mentioning congruent conditions in channeling is not saying that all channels are Awakened, it is more of a contribution by one who is awake.

Pure channeling comes out of an Awakened one like water flows from a waterfall. As easy as it is to do this, the channel does not need to do anything to make it happen. In different consciousness, when a channel has not Awakened, many details are in the material that are the result of mind's interference, contributing distortions to the message. Masters are happy to have a channel looking at their material with a mental check on the clarity. Not doing so makes us concerned about the meaning being negated. Control of the material is in the channel's domain.

Contact with new channels is the most challenging. Most new channels are not aware of the disturbance their mind can make. As they become more accustomed to channeling, they can learn about this, but many continue to channel without learning this. Positive attitudes do not exclude discernment. Continuing to cooperate with a deceiver, due to neglect in learning the ins and outs of what channeling can be, is not contributing light to others. Practicing and getting feedback from others makes far more sense.

My channels are not all clear. Many are new channels. Being misrepresented makes delivering messages tricky for me. Can my chelas who are opening their channel give themselves time to advance their clarity before distributing messages? Can those who distribute messages give advice as they are asked? May my channels become congruent with one message that comes to them in different modes of language, but where the content is much aligned? Can there be more communion amongst channels, no bickering, and contentment that messages are congruent with one another?

If my words come through one channel in a way that is not congruent with all the others, that one can do some training with the most experienced of the others. Apprenticeships could be offered to new channels. What can be done to control the quality of channeling? From our management, only our assistance in clearing. On the management by channels themselves, much can be done. Pretending that all channeling is quality is not helpful. Wouldn't it be great if one or two academies for clear channeling were established to create a more consistent quality?

More and more are opening to channeling. This is great! Now we need to get them as clear as possible.

Ponder this: Man and the Masters are One. No man is alone. Communion with others, near and far, can give more quality to the natural anchoring of material into consciousness. Mandate a concrete method of doing this.

Blessings of great caring are making their way to those who need it. Make these blessings be the very best they can be. My name is Ascended Master Saint Germain and I AM the Maha Chohan of the Great White Brotherhood. My clear messages are greatly needed now. Please give this your consideration.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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