Sunday, August 1, 2010

Heal The World With PRESENCE

Conditions for healing the world are very good. Many different avenues for doing this are available. Make a gift to the entire Universe by doing one of these:
1. Meditate
2. Chant
3. Make a mental request for healing
4. Cheer for new developments
5. Praise those who make a contribution
6. Move the energy of mass consciousness by deleting negativity out of your mental activity
7. Practice doing good deeds
8. Ask for help from other dimensions
9. Clear the dross out of your own consciousness with control of the manifestation of chaos in your life
10. Be authentic

All of these, together, are the most dramatic way you can contribute to healing your own mind/body. And, they each act alone, as well, to heal the entire Universe. Practices that bring the mind into full PRESENCE will do more for the mass consciousness than all the other methods taught to create change. PRESENCE will delete many conditions of darkness. PRESENCE will manifest happiness. PRESENCE will clear the mind. PRESENCE is the Awakened condition. Being fully PRESENT means: NO MENTAL ACTIVITY. No, labeling, no comparing, no commenting, no concerns, no games, no opportunity seeking, no nonessential distractions. All that occurs in PRESENCE is NOW.

Being only in the Present means not being obsessed with memories. All memories are an anchor for controlling the future. Memories do not allow new events to be experienced as they are. Memories color them to appear like old news, controlling the future so it continues to be like the non-existent past.

Answers for future contractions are not in memories. Answers to free the design of these contractions are only available when mind is quiet. Contractions are coming, but can be deterred by the list for mental clearing given above.

Channeling my words happens, the mental way, when mind can be normally active, and then calm during the contact. Mastery is when the mind is always calm and nothing interferes with the message delivery. Masters do not consider this channeling, because they do this all the time. My dictations through a Master are only called channeling because another name is added to the message. Awakened Masters channel all the time. No names are included. No names are needed. No conditions of Mastery include "an other", as they do not experience themselves outside the consciousness of ONE. Masters do not consider anything to be outside the ONE, and my voice is also their voice. Humbleness is a common thread for all Masters. No Master notices any difference between himself and another. ONE is ONE, in all aspects.

The truth about this channeling blog, is the channel is a Master, accepting the words that come through her hand as ONE consciousness. Ask for her assistance to gain this Awakened condition too, and be a Master. No Master can be new or different than any other Master. All Masters are the ONE.

Bless the days ahead with the Mastery of ONE.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I'd like to express the deepest gratitude and appreciation to Saint Germain and Aruna for these daily messages. I feel good to be in the group sharing this info together as one.

    Ren his chela from Japan.
    (posted on Ren's request)