Monday, August 30, 2010

Opening The Heart

Heart opening is a most important act for humans, because contact with heart energy is the human's door to happiness. Many of you are not happy, and need to learn how to open the heart. My message today is for this.

Meditate on the heart chakra. Put attention to the left side of the chest area as you go into meditation. Close all other areas of attention. Breathe normally. When the mind is calm, breathe a little faster, and clear the chakra with the massaging energy of the breath. I AM THAT I AM can also be chanted, if the meditation has not absorbed all of the mental activity. Chanting I AM THAT I AM does more than draw our attention, it calls out for a conscious connection to your own trapped master of consciousness, the divine ONE. Masters of awareness come when called.

When an unhappy man or woman engages in a more draining activity than being quiet, they give away the energy they need to get well. Going out to a mall, or other chaotic area, delivers to them many depleting conditions that does nothing other than allow them to avoid paying attention to the cause of their misery. Putting aside one's contracted mental comments can make a dark mental attitude become a draw to dark, clandestine actions on another day. Making a game of acting out all the contents of the mind can delete negative feelings as they arise.

Making a game of acting out the comments does not call in another human or any of the contacts being commented upon. One can do all the parts on their own. Talk to a chair, and tell the chair all of the things the mind is thinking. As soon as the contraction has released, do this again with another conversation, on another contracted attitude that is coming into awareness. Keep talking to the chair until all of your mental thoughts are called into the demonstration. By acting as the conversation deliverer, the mind does not demonize the contraction out of the context of its conversation by making comments at a later time. Turning thoughts into conversation deletes the mind's ability to hold onto negative attitudes.

Contractions from mental attitudes close down the door to happiness Talking to a chair opens that door, and conditions of the activity are controlled, so they are not confusing the mind with any details that need to be addressed at another time. Chair conversations are a most active way to move energy out of a contracted condition into an open-hearted condition. Give yourself a chance to release the upset, and you won't get another mind attack about the matter. All is now over.

Another way to contact the heart is to make a clear affirmation once or twice a day: "My heart is open and accepting of all my darkness." This affirmation can completely delete all the darkness coming out of the mental body. Nothing can make dark move quicker than acceptance. "I love you" cancels all negative attitudes. Can you condemn again one that acts with acceptance? Can you dramatize a matter that has been accepted? Continue to accept, and no drains will occur. All that comes to you is for your consideration, to choose the heart direction over the mind's negativity. Choosing to converse about a condition deletes the mind's control of contraction. Dialog diffuses emotion.

Next is a message to the mind that you can offer whenever the heart is aching. Give this more than one attempt before giving up on it as an answer: Take a few moments during the day to dance. Move the body around and kick your feet to music. Give the dance more energy, and keep moving until you are not able to continue. Moving the body along with music opens meridians that lead to the heart. Acting like you are out of a depressed condition can also eliminate that condition. False messages to others  about happiness don't do anything to make you happy. Dancing gets the mind's attention and doesn't let it compel you to be different. I am so glad that today's message can give you more happiness. Please give me that demonstration.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. This is supreme blog entry that touched my heart and made me finally do things in practice with lots of optimism.