Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gifts Come As Awareness

Challenges in one's life are for gaining awareness. All challenges deliver awareness, not only the most difficult ones. Every day, a gift of awareness appears, exactly the next one that is needed. No day goes by without one or more opportunities appearing. For the most challenged, there are gifts galore.

People who deny their darkness, miss many opportunities to expand their awareness. Ghosts from the past appear, to deliver memories of the conditions that were not completed. When mental memories arise, they are for disturbance to any condition that denies unresolved concerns. Completing the change in awareness, that can be delivered by that challenge, is the next most important task to be addressed. Every challenge in your life needs final closure. If you are now incomplete about any old memory, complete it, as a step to awakened awareness. Why? Because this is what disturbs your natural condition of complete happiness.

Completing the distant or recent past can be as easy as accepting the situation and giving up guilt. It can also be done by talking to those beings who were involved, and telling them, "I'm sorry". Or, giving them a chance to tell you the things they were upset about. Listening to someone's complaints, allows them to be heard. It is the most important part of conflict resolution. Listening also tells you how to deal with the circumstances that went negative.

How can you be more aware? Listen! Act as though the decisions you made were less thoughtful than they might have been, and give the "other" the opportunity to tell you how they are feeling about this. Preaching to them delivers no confidence about getting a message across to you. Can you be quiet and only listen? No defense is the best approach. No defense tells them you care about their point of view, even if your mind doesn't concur with it. Freedom of choice goes both ways. Allow them their decisions, and be grateful for their contribution to your new awareness.

Conflicts are never ended when one cannot accept the other's contribution, or their concern about a different point of view. Happiness for both parties is the key to making a leap in consciousness.  Peace on Earth begins with inner peace. Create a disturbance, and you disturb that peace.

Another way to give more confidence to the one being dismissed by your opinion, is to thank them for their point of view. This gives them acceptance, and gives you the release of their negative feelings about the circumstances that began the disagreement. Be humble. Be gracious, be natural. Give healing to all concerned by not taking the position of an opinionated observer. Give the "other" an opportunity to discuss their grievance. Heal the conflict with more love for them than the mind would otherwise give.

Chatter that delivers these kinds of messages, comes from your mental collective of chatter, only because more awareness can come from completion of the disagreement. Challenges of this kind are not only the "other" persons's problem. As long as there is no mental closure in you, there's no completion. Complete disturbances from conflicting points of view by allowing yourself to accept the "other's" opinion. Change your attitude of non-acceptance to an attitude of acceptance.

No two think exactly the same about any circumstance. Both have many dances to dance. Circumvent dis-ease, by getting closure on the things the mind chatters to you about. Thinking negative thoughts, about anything, disturbs your natural way of being.

When there is no "other" to discuss the challenge with, change can come about by talking to a surrogate. Pick an object to talk to. A chair, a pet, a stuffed toy, or a friend. Anyone or any thing can be the disturbed "other" that attends the meeting. Talk to this "object" about your feelings. Give them the full story, and appeal to them for complete understanding. Give them the apology that you want for yourself. Call them by name, and tell them how much their forgiveness means to you.

Break-ups in conversation between good friends needs to disappear. It can, when you take full responsibility for healing the difficulty. No one can be blamed. No one can be mad. One of you must deliver the decisive comment that you are not disturbed, before the conflict can disappear in the "other's" mind.

Patience is needed, as most of you are needing to disperse many of these conflicts. New Age attitudes that deny anything that is negative defeats awakened awareness. Nothing is negative that can be seen as a gift of awareness. Awakened awareness comes to those who are not in denial of their own negativity. What you see in a situation is never the actuality of it. Caring for the "other" one's opinion, opens doors that are needing to be opened. You are the "other". It is you, caring for you, that heals.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Master Saint Germain,

    Gaining awareness comes with a big struggle.

    1. Giving is a natural thing for many of us: material things or the last pennies in our pockets, sharing them doesn't upset much on us.

    2. Caring is as natural as giving. Many friends and people that I know, don't think what to do when caring is needed. We just go and do it, at the best possible way of help that we can.

    3. Loving unconditionally gets stuck in every step of my day. It is scary to see that you are not able to manifest this wonderfull value in your day to day life. You, yourself, get it from sources that you are not aware of, from beings that you never heard of, you never have seen them, you just get and receive the gift of their unconditional love for you - in this corner of the universe, from other far distant corners of the cosmos...

    It happens sometimes worse: exactly when you think that you have the demon under your feet, you see that what you gave to your brother/sister in need was not from the heart of hearts. You name it: euphoria of being and looking good, force of the giving-habit, but not unconditional Love... The demon, the old, hunts each of us. It tries make you feel comfortable with its "mastery" of saying "It's OK baby, it's Ok..." You know it's not OK. You promise to yourself that tomorrow it will be a better day. The next day you slip again in cheating. Cheating not the brother or sister who needed your unconditional love and you were "not available" for it, but your own self. Myself.

    Today's message is as wonderful as always. I had to print out a second copy to save, because the first one was underlined almost in every sentence. Thank you very much.

  2. (I would like to share this with you)

    Saint Theresa's Prayer

    May today there be peace within.

    May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

    May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.

    May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.

    May you be confident knowing you are a child of God. Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.

    It is there for each and every one of us.

  3. Very true, Sister, in my case too.
    But how do we know what others need on their way?
    And how the unconditional love looks like... Is it just giving my attention, my money, my energy, my things to others without any hesitancy? Is it about being nice all the time to others or true to myself- and others?
    Greetings. I.

  4. This is what I mean. We are not used to the unconditional love. We select people who "deserve" our love: good people, bad people. Descent person, a bump... Nice appearance, tattooed body. We give acceptance for the good, we kick out the "bump". We don't know how to love profoundly, deep, naking the body in front of us from the bones and flash, and love the essence of it. We are masters of judgment of the surface, we have no power to go at least one inch underneath. Saint Germain yesterday says that love has millions of forms, colours, and shades. Let the other speak, let your self listen to what the other person want to say. He wants to be heard. Love him, let him speak. If I knew more, Elisabeth it will be great. I think the unconditional love has the answer at its name "no conditions in giving your love".

  5. I understand. The problem I can see is that I am not too sure what "Love" in general means. The definition of love I know comes from my family, my school and my religion(s). I hear so many times "love others", but nobody says what exactly it means, how it looks like. Nobody showed me when I was young... And I still don't really know. Not to mention "unconditional love". Is it a feeling like I was in love with my boyfriends? Is it a decision? A state of mind? Thank you. Izabela

  6. ....love is not a feeling. It is not an emotional state, and it is not an amotional response. It is a perception within which you see the divine spark in everything.

  7. Well, What is Love?
    Wishing and contributing for the best of the living/not living beings beside you, the next continent, and next universe. It looks good.

    Our reality doesn't like this perception of love. We, ourselves, doesn't like this either. The law of concurrence and competition that works here doesn't like it. We live in a world where the motto is "The big fish eats the small one", who is more qualified/experienced gets more, including love and recognition. The unlucky guy gets nothing, he is not worth of love as well.

    We get trapped between two worlds, between old ideas and new ideas. Personally we want to cut ties and divorce with old ideas, meaning we want to think for the unlucky guy as if he is good too, but we don't believe it deep in our heart this is true. We ask many times ourselves if it is good to love this guy? How to love him? We have no idea how to love somebody like him? We were told to hate the "bad" guy.

    Old ideas, are always likable: they don't cause any problem for you. You can think inside yourself you are different, you are the one that knows about the One, you love everybody/everything as Saint Germain teaches in his blog. You are OK, the world around you is OK... Peace every where.

    We were taught to calculate everything, love as well. We were taught to see love as a material thing. Before measuring feelings we were taught to count on wealth, race, colour, position in hierarchy. We were taught many things about love: how to see see it, use it. This way of perception is not out of date, yet. Who wants to go away with it, still can go, each of us.

    Anyway, the new ideas about the concept of Love are like demons that trouble everybody's OK-state.