Friday, October 1, 2010

Be Clear

Control of man's mind is how the controllers contribute to your negative attitudes. There are many candidates for mind control: all those who are not able to get inner guidance. Man has been given many gifts, one of them is inner decision making capabilities. Canceling this ability cancels freedom.

Giving man drugs of all kinds, begins the collapse of most awareness abilities. Adding drugs to meals cancels digestive ability. Chemicals also cause physical deterioration, and giving drugs to the animals being consumed, delivers the cause of another major disease opportunity. Politics of disaster are the norm.

Once his mind is controlled, man has no clear direction on a daily basis. Answers about diet, meditation, and exercise do not naturally occur. "Dumbing down" humans, as a way to demonstrate control, has been accomplished. Many calls for breaking free of this has made none of the big concerns cancel these activities. Poisons abound on Gaia. Making them your "daily bread" has a price.

Consuming diets containing drugs cancels your ability to clear out debris, and this toxic condition can deteriorate the brain. Companies like Monsanto are controlling the bodies of most humans. Cancer is delivered by companies that alter food, so that the consumer's diet destroys their health. GMOs are reducing the supply of food that contains needed nutrients. Choices are now controlled, as non-GMO production is being reduced. Pure foods are needed to be healthy. This situation is the cause of man's mental drain, as well as his physical deterioration. Can this continue? Yes, to the death of man's contribution to any country or area of expertise.

Choosing food and acting consciously before dying can mean the difference between death and ascension. Ascension demands a clear awareness. Claims of a mass ascension for all are FALSE! Being able to ascend cannot be the creation of man's controllers. No controller can deliver man to ascension, man must deliver himself. All the dictations about one energy causing the awakening of another are also not accurate. No awakening or ascension overrides another's density. All are One. If Mother Earth was going to ascend, all of her inhabitants would also be ascending, but only because they were ready, and at cause of the mass ascension. Mother Earth needs freedom, freedom from mass destruction.

Consciousness has two components: mastery and ignorance. Ignorance of cosmic consciousness deletes mastery. Controllers do not have a consciousness that allows them to care. Caring can create all of the dreams on man's contract agenda, control of any kind deletes them. Mass consciousness now has more control causation than caring. Cancer of the mind has demanded the desecration of man. Can anything turn this around? Yes, by clearing the minds and opening the hearts of the millions who are asleep.

How to do this? Begin with yourself. Add no grain or other food to the body that has GMO construction. Add no chemicals to a garden of active nutrients. Choose food that contains no medication or multiple ingredients of the controllers' chemicals. Make all chemicals a distant memory. You must clear your mental capability before the mind can comprehend how dis-ease has managed all of the controllers agendas.

Can apathy continue an emergence of consciousness? No, only mental clarity can. Put yourself in God's hands, instead of the controllers. Begin by clearing the body/mind as a daily routine. Give hope to humanity by refusing to be controlled. Add clean, whole foods to your diet. Drink mostly water. Meat can be given to the body when it has been raised grass fed, without antibiotics in the animal's diet. Keep the diet natural. Sense the new awareness that comes to the mind when your diet contains no chemicals. Be alert, be aware, be conscious. Give the controllers a "NO" to their control of your mental abilities. Hope will get nothing done to change things. Action can! Change yourself, change the altering of mental attitudes by diet alteration. Eat clean, be clear, give more to mass consciousness than apathy.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Beloved Master St.Germain and Blessed Aruna, thank you so much for the awareness regarding our diet and its effect on our Consciousness and Awakening. Indeed very very important message.

    Love you always our Beloved Ascended Master St.Germain.
    Muhammad Habib