Friday, October 8, 2010

Mother Earth's Condition

Calling all chelas. Take this moment to get my message into your mental awareness: no covert operation is going to make the New Earth emerge instantly. No mother can give birth tonight, and get the baby to grow up in the next few days. Mother Earth has been disturbed and needs to heal. All the creatures she nurtures need her more than ever, because they too need nurturing. Consider the nature you take for granted, the heart of the New Earth. Mature, natural environments are not easy to grow. Mature countries and cities are not easy to grow. Change takes more than time, it also takes considerable care.

Can anyone deny that nature has been neglected? Pollution of all kinds must be deleted. Are the controllers going to allow this? Never. It would contribute nothing to their agenda. Nature has to go, for man to live the way the controllers want.

No man, woman, or child can have a good life without the quality goods that nature provides. Churches, synagogues and mosques may nurture the soul, but nature must nurture the body. Consider  desecration of nature to be the death of mankind. No cancer would be found if natural materials were available for all of man's needs. No dense conditions, that destroy man's health, could be accepted in a country or city that gives nature top priority for man's wellbeing. Nature needs to become more cared about.

No denial of nature can exist in the New Earth, because man and nature co-exist in consciousness. Mass destruction of the environment controls man's destiny. Wake up and live in nature as an ally. Be for nature! Nature provides all the conditions man needs to be happy, healthy and abundant. Nature is also the mirror of man's consciousness. Consider the reflection of mass consciousness in the conditions you see around you.

Because nature must be returned to health, methods of doing this must be created. Can drugs help those that deny most of the natural gifts available? Can contact with our realm give man a gift of major importance: goals for conscious living? Neither man nor nature can be healed with drugs. Nature and man both need natural healing.

Imagine that you are a tree that is dying due to pollution. Can the distant future have any meaning? Can this tree be happy about its condition? What would make it happy? A new creation that might defer its demise awhile longer, or a clean air campaign that could allow it a chance to breathe life in again? This is what man and nature both need. What can be done?

Begin with caring. Protect nature now. Stop dumping trash. Choose earth friendly materials for everything. Choose natural over chemical, every time. Clear the air of toxins by not using toxic materials. Demand fewer things that require delivery from long distances. Travel less. use less gas. Build all things that need creating, with materials of a most natural nature. Change the way man thinks about nature, by demonstrating care of all natural things.

The children of Mother Earth are not caring for their mother. Nowhere on Earth is there a natural area that has not been affected by man's negligence. Food, air, climate, communities, drug companies, and gas and oil companies are all contained in nature. Close down man's control of his environment and nature can heal. Can we heal nature without closing down man's environment? Maybe. Are you able to give it your attention? Are you willing to demonstrate a different solution? Now is the time, before the other options are the only solution.

Twelve Masters are giving man a new lesson daily to give them healing. These Masters care. All the Masters are concerned about the next days. Ascension of this planet is not a given. It depends on man's ability to change the consciousness of all that destroys. Purify the mind until its goal is to not destroy anything. Demand that others think about their Mother, and start taking care of her, before man can no longer live on her continents.

Man, woman and child can all contribute to a New Earth. It is not going to be created by anyone but the conscious beings who demand this change, and do the work that is necessary to make it happen. Our realm will co-create the changes you demand.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
The twelve Masters' daily lessons can be found here:

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  1. I said in one of my previous messages that I had doubts for little things and bigger things. You Master didn't comment if it was alright having them. I'll speak my mind: is it always beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain who speaks in this website? I apology if being not polite.

  2. About Mother Earth's Condition: The rush to exploit gas from the Marcellus Shale concerns me.
    Will the many gas wells planned and begun in Pennsylvania destroy the watersheds, creeks and springs or is it possible to drill without such a ravaging of the affected mountains. Will earth changes interupt this before the area is spoiled?

  3. Thanks for your care for our environment. If we throw garbage to our mother earth she will throw flood. If we throw oxidants to air she will throw hurricane and many more. I should learn to take care of the environment more.