Sunday, October 10, 2010

Make Love The Answer

Regarding today's date: No day is any more appealing than any other day. All contents of a day's events are created moment by moment. Astrology creates nothing - man does. However, astrology can anticipate what man will create. Acting as though a date has more control than man, is not the way of a Master.

Change has now ended life as it was, and new drama is about to begin. Meat, vegetables and grain will all be more expensive, children cannot be left to the care of others, and many new controls are being continually added to your means of being free. No freedom exists.

Man's freedom has been deteriorating with activities made of his own hand. Now, the deck is piled high with mass destruction of all life, and the mass destruction includes man. What to do? First, get your head out of the sand. No mass exodus is coming. No great day of celebrating the new developments that have arrived. When will my chelas get mental acceptance of the news that life will not change instantly. Can it be that hope doesn't do anything? Can it be that controlling the changes with mental design has failed? See yourselves as change agents, but not because you mentally deliver new designs to the mass consciousness. Creative visualization does not move mountains.

New approaches to change must be made. Acting out the message, "I Am That I Am" must begin. I Am the light means BEING light. And what does light look like? Happiness! Genuine, authentic and delightful!

Man has not delivered much light because of man's deep negative contractions. Ask yourself: Can my goal be the happiness of mankind, instead of the money my abundance calls have been asking for? I understand that money is needed. Crisis and major causes need money for advancing their solutions. But money is not the thing that can make a difference now! Only happiness can do that! How can man be happy without money? Awakening to his True Nature.

Never before has there been an explosion of Christ consciousness. This was attempted once, and failed, because man could not accept his divine nature. Please, let me convince my chelas now, that nothing as important as happiness exists as an answer to control. Fear contracts. Happiness expands. Are you only able to contract? No, both of these methods of living can be done.

Fresh awareness comes as old attitudes are deleted. Pick the crisis of your choice, and give it no more  attention, ever again. Answer the mind's attention to an anger provoking memory with "Oh well." Answer the mind's attitude about money with, "Money is not what is needed now". Answer the mind's control of your attention with, "Pause, and contemplate the call of the divine". Happiness is the key to your future!

How can you be happy when losing your money? Ask for assistance from man's best friend - the divine True Nature of your own awareness. Nothing of material world content can do what this friend can do. Becoming devoted to this friend can turn the world around. How? The controllers cannot delete this happy, creative nature from the scene. Only fear based, negative thinking, contracted humans can be destroyed by outside sources. Cheer, about any co-creation with God, can defeat all of their manipulations. How? Give love a try. Try giving your love to the man who controls. Give love to the man who denies his caring nature. Give love to the man who needs help. All are needing the love that can change their behavior. Love IS the answer. It is the ONLY answer.

Giving LOVE to others includes giving LOVE to all the things others have done to you. Been abandoned? Abused? Disturbed by God's neglect of your needs? Give love to all who did these things, because the ability to love them, clears out negativity in you. Give love to the controllers. They are the ones who have caused you to be seeking answers. They are the ones leading you to this answer.

Positive actions that come from the heart, open the heart. Calling to be loved has the opposite effect. Give what you want to receive! No wanting causes gifts to arrive - giving does. The more you give, the more you will receive. Follow this formula and enjoy the giving and the receiving. More and more, an energy of love will be needed. Teach this formula to the children. Children can become givers too. Parents who give children all they want, are not giving them the greatest gift of all: consideration of the need they have to give.

Now, lets talk about the question of man's dreams about communicating with the children of God of other galaxies. It will occur. They have been observing Earth, and will arrive when accepted, and can depend on man to be friendly. No team of craft can deliver man to other galaxies, but they can develop a continued relationship, that allows them to deliver their technology to Earth. Ashtar will be the command that lands, and they will bring great gifts. Are the craft you are getting glimpses of the Galactic Federation? Yes, and others. The triangle ships are the Federation craft. Others come in their own developed craft. None of the craft that are appearing are configured on the Earth continents. Flying is not what they do, they create their appearances with control of their actualization devices, not control of another kind. Actualizing an appearance is their way of leaving an impression on the mental body of those they appear for. Many are around all of Earth's continents, not able to be viewed. Actualizing themselves is not an achievement of great mystery, only a mechanism they have available.

Not all craft are the Galactic Federation. Some are not friends. Be careful who you decide to travel with. No drama of first contact is now able to occur, but we keep checking for the signs of acceptance that can allow this. Change the mind's of man to love, and get many gifts, including technology from other galaxies.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Dear Master Saint Germain, dear Aruna,

    Thank you so much for your teachings!
    Can you please advice how to create a feeling of happiness in the "normal work life".

    Thank you & kind regards,

  2. Beloved Master St.Germain, thank you so much for every word.

    Love you always
    Muhammad Habib

  3. (I'm hesitating at this moment to post again, because not many write to discuss ideas, and ask questions.)

    Saint Germain, my question would be about recalling our past memories with the intention of seeing the progress of the soul, and working on things not solved yet. How we can do it? How to minimise the effect of any unpleasant emotion? How to put the taken information to the highest best of ourselves and others connected with those memories?

    Thank you for your attention and readiness, never neglecting any thing.

  4. Master Saint Germain, I just saw a wonderful message of Master Kuthumi regarding past lives memories and what happens when we die. If anyway, you would see it important to explain further for benefit of others and myself, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

  5. Master Saint Germain,
    For how many days I cannot say however with each passing one an expanding feeling of gratefulness
    and joyous thanks grows. These messages are incredible. What an incomparable gift to be able to receive such truth every day into ones life.
    May my actions and words become a trumpet call.
    Joah Greengus